A Woman's World..in India

Travelling with me is not easy. My family is well aware of that fact.
I try my hardest but sometimes I just can't help it.

I wonder....

At first it was the fashions of the women in India that caught my eye.
The fabric, the colours, the style, I wondered how
 they all managed to pull it off with such grace.
I was secretly envious too...it looked so comfortable.

and then I wondered what they were thinking
as they worked...

and what they were thinking as they travelled...

They travelled in groups...

and they travelled in pairs...

They travelled alone

and with each step, I wondered who they were,
where they were going, if they
had a family, if they were living a life of their own. 

My pictures were taken quickly,
often times thru a car window as we passed by.

Every once and a while, I was lucky enough to make a connection
which started me thinking....

Images taken in my travels 
thru the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Apologies for the qualitiy of the images,
I am trying to move off the 'Auto' format
on my camera and into 'Manual'....not an easy transition!


  1. What lovely pictures and thoughts too!
    One of my daughters is named Taj Aimee'
    after the Taj Palace as her Father had been there
    and felt it was a beautiful place and the fact that someone could love another so much and build something of such beauty for the one they loved.

  2. How could one possibly not drift off into wondering with all that inspirational colour around?!

  3. The photos speak so much Jeanne....there is a balance between enjoying the moment and pointing the lens...I think you have captured that...xv

  4. What wonderful images. I love the Indians use of bright colours!

  5. Jeanne,

    As always lovely images. I often travel and wonder about peoples stories, even in my own neck of the wood. Where do they live, are they happy, do they like their life? And I think the same about things I find in antique stores or in my travels, who drank from this cup, where did this painting hang, what is the story?

    I can tell you from experience that the clothing is very comfortable. I have several saris from India, and several for lack of a better word caftans from Moroco and I love them. When I am home I pretty much live in the caftan sort of things, they are so comfortable and even when you have not had time to shower and do your hair if someone comes to the door you do not look like a train ran you down.

    I am learning as I age, I will be 45 in a few weeks that I have to work with what God gave me, and that I do not need to please or impress anyone but me. I wish I would have learned that 20 years ago.

    I hope your meat loaf turned out fabulous! I love a good meatloaf as well all the other foods classified as comfort foods.

    I too am working on my photos this week, not the ones from todays post but some others. I think the homework from class is fabulous. I am so happy that I signed up!

  6. Such a great series of photos, you have captured the essence of how these women live, and I would also be wondering about their lives.

    I'm sure that a lot of them don't have the comforts that we enjoy.

  7. lovely captures. The women of India always come across as being so colourful. I think that I too would be wondering about them, what they do and how they live.

  8. Wonderful photos. I love saris. I recently got to wear one at an Indian ladies night party which was great fun. But the highlight for me was wearing the gorgous yellow sari and having my hands henna painted. Have a fabulous trip.

  9. These are some great shots. I would say you captured the spirit of my country and its women, spot on! :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  10. Jeanne, these photos are wonderful. You have captured a vibrant tapestry of these women in India. I can't wait to hear your stories of what you saw and experienced on this amazing trip.
    xx Sunday

  11. I'm enjoying your photos so much as they bring back many of the feelings and sights I felt and saw when I was in India. I too wondered what the lives of the people around me were like.

  12. Beautiful photos Jeanne. (I am in complete sympathy with the Auto-to-Manual transition...not an easy one!).
    I fell in love with India on my first trip a decade ago...especially with the women. How beautiful they all are.

  13. gorgeous images.
    i have always wanted to go to india.

    the colors and the clothes are beautiful.
    i feel a trend coming back in interior design with indian fabrics.


  14. These are photos you'll reach for in the grey of winter and surely have you dreaming in color for months. An absolutely beautiful capture of culture!

  15. Such a different world...one can't but wonder.

  16. great images jeanne! you really captured those moments. and hurray! for getting off auto! (feel free to email with any questions and I'll do my best)

  17. In 1962 at the age of 67, my beloved Grannie boarded a Qantas Constellation & flew from Adelaide to Kashmir via Mumbai for a 3 mth. trip to support a British friend's daughter who was having her first baby there as an ex-pat. I was 6 at the time & still remember the excitement & trepidation the family felt at Grannie's adventure. She returned totally overcome with the beauty of India & its people. I still have the beautiful pieces she brought back with her & cherish them to bits. Sounds like India has had the same effect on you & Mr. H dear Jeanne. Your images are so natural, fresh & uncluttered. I want to go - NOW!!
    Millie xx

  18. And now you have me wondering too... Beautiful images, Jeanne.

  19. Great shots, Jeanne, every single one! Enjoyed the visit today!

    Have a wonderful week!

  20. Thank you all for your insight into 'A Woman's World'.... Check out Millie's comment....what a lovely story. :)

  21. Hello Jeanne,
    I am a Chilean travel writer based in Paris, France, and just wanted to share and say I opened your blog for the first time today and loved your pics and travel story. Thanks and have a great day !
    Francisca Matteoli www.franciscamatteoli.com/blog/

  22. I am writing to you from another world - a world filled with cushions, cookies and a cup of Earl Grey tea.
    I still remember the posting you wrote on Earl Grey in December 2010 and I am wondering as I sit next to a pot with Earl Grey - do you drink this tea with milk, lemon, sugar or plain?

    I "see" you sinking into the scenes you see and capture.

  23. I love these images of women. Catching them unaware from the car window has a certain mystery to them. You are doing very well on manual Jeanne.

  24. Although I've never been there, I think one of the very best things about India is the color!

  25. Oh Jeanne you took me back to the wonderful, colourful India I miss. Dying to get back there, to work with…Women.
    Wonderful photos...

  26. Hola Jeanne! maravilloso viaje y lo que cuentas....Creo que será algo pendiente para mí conocer la India. Veo que ha sido muy movilizante e interesante. Qué bello sentir, bello recuerdo de tu viaje. Besos, Gloria.

  27. Thank you all for your encouraging comments....sincerely appreciated!! :)

  28. Beautiful! I was in Goa recently and I can fully understand how you felt so inspired. I would love to visit Rajasthan. And you're brave to move off Auto! I doubt if I ever will have the energy or concentration to take that step ;) But the photos--even the rushed ones, look fabulous. Of course the amazing images help! And I am sure your family don't mind that much--they have amazing holiday photos after all!

  29. When you talk about fabric and colors, you hit me right where I live. That is what so enchants me so about India, even with all the accompanying poverty.


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