A Woman's World..in India

Travelling with me is not easy. My family is well aware of that fact.
I try my hardest but sometimes I just can't help it.

I wonder....

At first it was the fashions of the women in India that caught my eye.
The fabric, the colours, the style, I wondered how
 they all managed to pull it off with such grace.
I was secretly envious too...it looked so comfortable.

and then I wondered what they were thinking
as they worked...

and what they were thinking as they travelled...

They travelled in groups...

and they travelled in pairs...

They travelled alone

and with each step, I wondered who they were,
where they were going, if they
had a family, if they were living a life of their own. 

My pictures were taken quickly,
often times thru a car window as we passed by.

Every once and a while, I was lucky enough to make a connection
which started me thinking....

Images taken in my travels 
thru the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Apologies for the qualitiy of the images,
I am trying to move off the 'Auto' format
on my camera and into 'Manual'....not an easy transition!

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