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I love great posts, filled with tidbits of information. Vicki @ French Essence has one after another.  We think alike and her recent post on 'tips and tricks of the make-up kind'....started me thinking about a few of my favourites travel companions and the ones I can not leave home without.

If you are looking for a few travel tips, of the beauty kind, you might find them here and over at Vicki's....

Fresh Fragrance.....
I am very fickle about fragrance on airplane flights. Rule number one is that it should be light. There is nothing worse than sitting next to someone who has just fully immersed themself in a heavy perfume, especially if you have 16 hours to go and are prone to motion sickness. :(

The Jo Malone Fragrance Combining Set... is perfect. The small spray bottles offer the best of both worlds. I like to use the Orange Blossom and or Grapefruit fragrances on a flight. They are a light and lovely pick me up. By day....I just love Blue Agava and Cacao. It is my signature scent.  Vicki's tip.. "spray a mist ahead and walk is the French girl's secret." Absolutely!

Hydrate, hydrate hydrate.....

Rule #1 on a flight is to drink plenty of water... then I reach for one of these....

Aesop... I love Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. It is a combination of mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas and works a treat on dry hands and cuticles. It is also nice to pull out when you are in a tight squeeze and the travel aromas around you are less than desirable. I dab it on my hands, my neck and then a quick tap under my nose. Orange heaven.

I am with Vicki on this one, Lucas Papaw Ointment..... I discovered this ointment in Australia when it was suggested by a doctor for my son's dry skin. It quickly became an all time family favourite and and has managed to be a staple in my daughters Christmas Stockings ever since. Travel tip: Buy the small tube size for your carry on and use it where needed.

Skinceuticals...  I am a devotee of this brand, in particular, the Hydrating B5 Masque. It is clear, rich and can be worn overnight. Travel tip: make the most of your travel time and masque away!

Airplane Hair...

Dry shampoo.... People have mixed views on this one but some days it is a little life saver for me. I like Batiste Fresh Scent. A little goes a long way and it has a great scent. :) It comes in a non-aerosol version as well (NUDE).  Travel tip: Use it before your flight....this product lasts a long time!

Hair conditioning... If you hair has a tendency to run on the dry side, I recommend Kerastase Elixr Ultime... it is heaven in a bottle. Travel tip: Squirt a few drops into a small ziploc bag and tuck into your carry on. It's all you need and you will be so much happier when you see the results.

It's all in the brush....I find this little compact brush and mirror by Sephora works a treat.  Perfect for
little evening bags too. :)

Last minute beauty fix.....
For me, the last step before the seat belt sign goes on, is a quick flick to the eyes, lips and cheeks.

Lips and cheeks... Life does not get any easier than this all in one Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks by Bobbi Brown. Very will have a healthy glow in no time. My choice: Blushed Rose

Bit of lip gloss... Dry parched lips are a drag on a long flight.  I love Laura Mercier Lip Glace. It feel rich, emollient, lasts a long time and it comes in great shades of colours. My choice: Baby Doll

Eyebrows... I have been using Bobbie Brown Natural Brow Shaper for years. It comes in a cream-gel formula and is easy to use. My choice: does not get any easier than that.

Mascara...I like Vicki's tip for applying mascara and her suggestion to try Shu Uemera
"When applying mascara...coat the top of the lashes first....then use the eyelash curler before applying the next coat from the underneath and upwards...(Shu Uemera's is best)...For really thick batting babies dust a little light powder over lashes between coats.."

There you have it...a few thoughts on travelling least my version of it. There are many more wonderful suggestions back at Vicki's sure to check out SHOP FRENCH ESSENCE when you get there. Lots of great ideas!

Best wishes to one and all for a lovely weekend!
Jeanne xx

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