Planes, Trains, Autos and Elephants

A hot steamy day in Jaipur as we approached the ancient
capital of the Kachhawaha Rajputs, Amber. 
A ride on an elephant to the top was promised
and we did not want to miss it. 
We decided to leave the snake behind.

It was worth every moment.....

even watching the this fellow bobbing along on the  return ride down the hill.

 In transit, thru Mumbai, on our way home....
best wishes for a wonderful weekend to one and all!

Jeanne xx


  1. Safe travels Jeanne....Your trip sounds wonderful...xv

  2. I remember visiting Amber and the old fort on top of the hill behind it, but I think (and I'm not making points here!!) I walked all the way up!
    keep the pictures coming

  3. Just stunning! Keep the photos coming :) Beautifully captured. Safe travels, XOLaura

  4. What a wonderful experience you have had, the scenery is stunning.

    Safe journey home.

  5. I grew up in Mumbai, dear Jeanne. My formative years were there and I remember the place fondly.

    Hug the place for me, will you.

    Today I saw the film "Out of Africa" and when I saw Streep's eyes, I thought of you.

    Joy always,

  6. I want to go on an elephant ride, but the snake was very disturbing:-) I'm so scared of snakes!

  7. An elephant ride! Lucky you! I can tell by your photos you are enjoying yourself.

  8. I love elephants. This adventure looks so fabulous. Have a safe journey and enjoy. I cannot wait to see and hear about it all.

  9. Beautiful photos. Enjoy. Hugs Karen

  10. I would not have missed a ride on an elephant either.

  11. Sigo disfrutando de tu viaje....maravillosas fotos,besos, Gloria.


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