The 'To Do' List

The 'To Do' list...

I have a malfunction in my To Do List...the items at the bottom of the list do not seem to want to cooperate, they won't move. Why is that? Do you have this problem as well? It couldn't possibly be our fault, could it?

My 'To Do' list started malfunctioning this morning.  It all seemed to be going so smoothly. I said farewell to Miss Claire as she drove off to school. She recently obtained her driving license and is enjoying those first few days of independence. Remember those days? She is using our convertible which I have some regret over as I have enjoyed those breezy sunny days recently, just me and mine, driving the roads of Surrey. In fact, she is saving me at least an hour of headache traffic in the morning by not having to drive her to school... so I admit to waving her off eagerly.

Darling son, had himself, his school bag, cricket bag, sports bag and dog well placed in 'old reliable', our five year old Volvo wagon. Son then started looking at mother quizzically, she was pacing, inside and out of the house over and over again. Mother was muttering to herself..."Where are the keys??, When did I last drive the car??" Her answer to herself was.."No clue, maybe Friday?".  She carries on "What did I do on Friday?..good grief, I can't was three days ago, how could I forget?" She quickly checks her iphone diary to jog her memory. No luck. Her last thought, "Why didn't I get the spare key made up?" Son is not surprised, he has witnessed this before.

I quickly recalled shopping for plants one day or another last week and ran to the back garden, emptying newly purchased pots filled with herbs yet to be planted. No luck...frustration is mounting because I can hear Mr. H already. He has been asking me to take care of a replacement car key for the one we lost a few years ago. It has been on my 'to do' list all this time, at the bottom of the list.

I texted him in despair...'Lost key! Have you seen the key to the Volvo'? Answer: ' is in my pocket, can you come to London to get it?' I won't repeat my next thought except to say that I was standing in our back yard ready to throw my phone over the roof of our house into the abyss of the woods way yonder, knowing all the while, that he was in London thinking...' I told you so'.

At that point I had no key, a boy, a dog and countless school bags waiting in the car and a daughter who most likely had some very loud music blasting away in my car as she drove into her parking spot outside of her school. Bus, taxi, train...all these options played in my mind and quickly left at the prospect of dragging all those bags with us.

Text message to daughter: 'Come home, urgent'.  Within 30 minutes she was back, we all climbed in the convertible as I made humble apologies along the way, vowing to get the replacement key made and put it at the top of my 'to do' list.

To console myself, when I came home, I walked to town to get a coffee (as you do).

When I saw these oriental poppies blowing in the morning madness melted away.

Speaking of melting, I am off to make the most delicious 'melting moment' biscuits for an event tomorrow. That little morsel below is at the top of my 'To Do' list. Funny how that works....

Image and recipe, here.

PS..Many thanks for your comments on my last post
 regarding Blogger vs. Wordpress, here.
Lots to think about!


  1. Oh yes, sounds too too familiar.
    I was with my friend last week in South Carolina and we were walking to the corner store when I suddenly said..."My sunglasses! I forgot my sunglasses!".
    "You have them on!!!", was my friend's reply.

  2. We had a funny situation here about keys recently...
    my husband had rented a truck and forgot where he had placed the keys...
    we were in a tizzy trying to locate their whereabout so I suggested that he retrace his steps...
    which we did together and found that he had put them in the garbage!

    We can laugh about it now but at the time it was not so amusing!

    Those red poppies would cheer me any day, thanks for sharing them.

  3. Keys....always in my purse unless I left them on the table or the dresser or the kitchen counter or the desk or in my pockets or on top of the car or on the fence post on the way to the compost box!

    Thank you for the poppies...they cheered up this gloomy grey filled morning!

  4. Oh Jeanne,
    What a predicament to be in.
    I'm afraid that, being older than you, this forgetting things comes with age !! and, it suddenly happens and you wonder why you keep forgetting everything!!!!
    Talking of convertibles, I bought the Audi TT converible in early April and, I think that I have had the roof down nearly everytime that I have driven anywhere. I have been so lucky with the weather and it's such good fun.
    Don't worry about your 'to do' list. I know that you will get it all done.....eventually.
    P.S...... hope that I haven't depressed you with the getting old and forgetting things scenario !!!! XXXX

  5. Well, well.. I must say, I am delighted to be in such great company! So happy to hear that I am not the only one :) have not depressed me one bit, I feel much better, thank you all!!

  6. i need a GPS for everything i own!!

  7. ooh, we've all had these days! And I have things on the list for years. But the husbands are far worse. I found a honey-do list from 10 years ago, and one item remains undone. He cannot say "I told you so" until he finishes it!

  8. I am sitting reading this having a giggle, not at your expense, but in sympathy having been in the same situation a few months ago my car keys in hubbies pocket at his work, and no spare. I took the day off work. LOL

  9. I had two of those days last week. But I was sick so I blame it on the Nyquil I took the night before.


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