Girl's just gotta have fun!

No matter the age, 
girl's just gotta have fun!

Bee at Atlantic-Pacific is getting
a lot of blog buzz at the moment
and I can see why. She is doing her 
thing and having fun.

Ari Seth Cohen created Advanced Style,
a blog I am finding increasingly irresistible.
Ari says "Advanced Style offers proof from
the wise and silver-haired set that personal style
advances with age." Although I am not quite 
there yet, I love the message here!
You rock ladies!


I am a girl that just likes to have fun too.
I like to think that I will still be
living it up, just like these gorgeous gals above.
I say, more power to them!

Both blogs are worth a wander.
You can visit 
Atlantic-Pacific, here.
Advanced Style, here.

Images as noted above.


  1. I will wear jeans and sneakers when I am 90! Right now I am 62 and have decided to grow my hair long. We women should wear what we want as long as it is not unflattering or in bad taste. Thanks for the blog tips! Lana

  2. Wander I will.

    Thank you for the sweet comment about my photos. I've been trying to respond to the comment, but something is wrong with my blog these days - I can't log out, and when I try to comment on my own blog, I am told that I need to log in! Arrgghhh. Very frustrating.

    Hope this comment will go through:-)

  3. I'm 68 and am just getting into leather !

  4. Love this post, and the pics of the gorgeous gals above are wonderful.

    This week I happened to meet a 92year old in our local shoe store, buying winter shoes. What did she buy? Red ankle boots, no kidding. She looked adorable in them.I so wish I had my camera with me.

  5. This is one of the reasons I love blogs--both the inspiration I would never see otherwise, and the 'pass it on' nature of blog recommendations!

  6. Loving the comments here! I think I definitely found some ladies who like to have fun :)

    Heron...68 and just discovering leather, you go girl!

    Angela...A 92 year old buying red ankle boots. I think that image will stay with me always. I am with you...a camera would have been a must. Why is it we never have them just when we really need them!


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