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Random thoughts this monday morning about hidden talents. I wonder if you have a hidden talent or one that you would like to explore. As I listen to my children and their aspirations for the future I can't help but reflect back on my own at that age.  You may have done the same. Would you do anything differently? Have you left anything unexplored? Do you still feel you have the wherewithal, no matter your current age, to fulfill your dreams? Are you well and truly on your way to living the dream?  Do you ever think like this? Call me a dreamer, idealistic or one who is away with the fairies, but if we do not stop and think about these things, what would life be? I hope you have a passion inside of you waiting to be explored....if not, think back. These things have a funny way of popping up at the most unexpected times. Hoping you will join me in my random monday morning thoughts, it's uplifting :)

The Last Luncheon by Mastropiece


I posted the above note, packed myself off to the city and attended an International Women's luncheon at the May Fair hotel in London to celebrate it's 25th anniversary. I went along to meet people and hear stories. I find that the older I get the more intrigued I am about others experiences. Is it being older or a result of blogging? I am never quite sure. I loved hearing how the group started. Four women, 25 years ago, an Australian, a Canadian, an English woman and a Lebanese woman, sitting together over lunch in Cape Town, South Africa, sharing expat experiences. Each one was the President of their own respective countries local women's organization. They talked about what we still discuss today, travels, family, living an expat life and hopes for the future.  They wanted to take it one step further and the result was The Federation of International Women's Association in London (FIWAL).  It is now an umbrella group for more than 30 international women's clubs and associations in and around London. It's role is to provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and expertise between it's member organizations.
A champagne reception, a beautiful lunch and a quick hustle for me to get back on the train in time for school pick up. I left with email addresses, phone numbers and a few tips on local gardens and antique shops to explore. A very productive afternoon!

On the way home, I had a phone call, from Miss Claire, she passed her driving test! I am excited for her, I am excited for me....I now have an errand girl  ;) Mum's the word on that one! Time for dinner...what to serve? what to serve?  I think a celebratory dinner out may be in order :)
Stop Press: Congratulations to Miss Claire for passing her driving test today!!
Her smile was as wide as this at 5 years old :)

Tomorrow I am off to the House of Lords for another reception and more people to meet! Still thinking random thoughts and hidden talents....thank you for your responses!! Very curious indeed!

Best wishes for a wonderful week!
Jeanne xxx

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  1. There is always some great food for thought here, Jeanne... And Yes, I have been inching closer to the oil paints. I am almost there, I think, to picking up the brush again...

  2. I still want to ride dressage.
    Too late??

  3. Funny you should mention this...I'm at a crossroads casting about for my next moves. Sold my car, my guest house, more or less stopped working for health reasons. Now what, I say to myself.

  4. When I was young, what did I know about what I wanted to do, but somehow life took over and opened the door to more wonderful possibilities than I could have dreamed. Thus, my life, which is my passion, has become a collage of wonderful events and I can't wait to see what's next on the journey.xox

  5. I've been blessed to have accomplished most of my dreams.....marrying a good man, having a family of girls, living on an island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and being an artist. This year I turn 55 and decided months ago to have a solo art show in the brand new conference centre to celebrate my birthday.
    In a month this dream will come true too. What next? I'm not sure but I'm sure it will be dreamy!

  6. Miss Claire is just at cute at age 5 as she is today!! Congrats and enjoy the celebratory dinner!!

    As for what's on the future adgenda for my future as you contemplate yours? I think a few more years of working and then who knows? My daughter may move to another state and we might follow her...THAT would be an adventure!!
    Enjoy yours!! It sounds like fun with your lunches.

  7. I love to take photos and have discovered a love for interior decorating. Who knows what the future will bring? Sounds like you havd a lovely and productive day.

  8. Well done Claire. It is great when you pass your driving test, isn't it ? I was jumping for joy when I passed mine. I definitely think that dinner out is a must !!
    I have always wanted to go in a Harrier Jump Jet !! I think that might be out of the question !!
    Enjoy your meeting at the House of Lords Jeanne. How exciting. XXXX

  9. To be honest, I'm not quite sure, but I am so enjoying your posts and feel that I may be on the cusp of something new, or renewed.

    How wonderful to have another driver in the family. I hope you enjoyed the celebratory dinner.

  10. Oh, my. Yet another thought-provoker, Jeanne! I think you know how I'm slowly discovering my hidden talents and I have you to thank for your constant encouragement and support - thankyou! J x

  11. Yay for Miss Claire!!!
    Ah, hidden talents.... My talent is out in the open, begging me each day to do something with it. If only I had the time to make my dream come true.


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