London fog, Tate Modern and Joan Miro

The Litte Fair-haired Girl at the Amusement Park
Joan Miro, 1950

I woke up this morning and admit I felt bleary eyed and tired. It was one of those 
mornings where I could have easily slept a while longer. The skies were grey, 
I had a mad rush to get the kids off to school and then catch a train to London 
and all I really wanted to do was sleep...just a little while longer. Being one of those 
annoying people who is always giving herself pep talks, I soldiered on.

My fog followed me into London.

and a bit further,

I rounded the corner and came upon my final destination.
The Tate Modern Gallery to see the Joan Miro exhibit.

Needing further fortifications I stopped in at the Gallery Cafe 
for coffee and stared at the view. St Paul's Cathedral was in front of me, 
thru the lovely birch tree garden and over the Thames. 
With every sip, I could feel the morning fog melting away.

It is a good thing that my fog lifted because what was in store for me in this fabulous 
Joan Miro exhibit required my rapt attention.  There were over 150 paintings, drawings, 
sculptures and prints for me to pour over. This London exhibit is the first major retrospective
of Joan Miro to be held in nearly 50 years.  To be honest, I was not sure what I would think.
I went in a bit skeptical and came out a great admirer. His work is thought provoking 
to say the least. Although much of his work was painted thru desperate times 
(Spanish Civil War and Second World War), I felt a playfulness in his some 
of his work that was endearing.

The Passage of the Divine Bird
Joan Miro, 1941

A Star Caresses the Breast if a Negress (Painting Poem)
Joan Miro, 1938

Vegetable Garden and Donkey
Joan Miro, 1918

Drop of Water on the Rose-Coloured Snow
Joan Miro, 1968

I left the gallery, thankful that I gave myself that little pep talk earlier in the day.
Shortly after, the heavens above shed tear drops upon London
and I managed to catch one or two.

Wink, wink, blink, to bed for me.
Big day tomorrow....Chelsea Flower Show.
I won't need a pep talk for that one!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

More on the Joan Miro exhibit at Tate Modern, here.
Images of Joan Miro paintings from postcards
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  1. Wow, you sure do know how to put a positive spin on a dreary and bleak day! It sounds like your London day was brilliant as usual. Thanks for the introduction to Miro too.

    Have a wonderful time in Chelsea; can't wait to see those pics!!!!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks Natasha...pep talks are essential in my life! :)

  3. Your pep talk traveled across the Pond. I'm beyond tired and thought to go to bed now, waaay too early. As luck would have it, I opened your post, and bam! I'm smiling. Thanks, Jeanne. And thanks for the intro to Miro. London is such a maagnificent place, filled with every treat imaginable.

  4. Lovely post, Jeanne. Thank you.

  5. Miro today! Chelsea tomorrow! Lucky you!

  6. Oh you are one lucky woman!

    Those three words are divine...
    Chelsea Flower Show...
    pictures Please!

  7. Ah, you lifted my spirits, too, Jeanne - thanks! I would have loved to accompany your though the Miro exhibition. That's one painter I'm still learning about. Oh, and I was intrigued to note your spelling of 'grey' - are you being converted by the English?! J x

  8. Oh Jeanne,
    I just LOVE London. Even in the rain it is wonderful and, you can always be sure that there is something fantastic to see and this exhibition at the Tate Modern looks great......well worth getting up for!!
    I have been watching Chelsea everyday. We are not going this year but, that's fine. Often, you can't get into the show gardens and see more on the tele although it's always a lovely day out, isn't it ? If I remember rightly, you went last year didn't you ? I also love the marquees where the perfume of the flowers hits you when you walk in. It really is the best flower show in the world.
    I tried to comment on your Venice post the other day but blogger was being awkward and wouldn't publish my comment. I think that I must have tried at least 4 times !!
    Venice is one of my favourite places. We last went 3 years ago and arrived by train from Florence. It was such a wonderful way to greet Venice as, you don't see anything of it from the train and then you emerge from the station and down the steps and there it is, in all it's glory. I think that my heart stopped for just a second and i left part of it there !!
    Apart from the most famous tourist attractions there..... the Piazza San Marco, The Doge's Palace, St. Mark's Basillica, the canals and bridges, boat and gondola rides, Burano, Murano and Torcello, the Bridge of Sighs etc., etc, one of our favourite places was the Guggenheim collecion shown in her palatial home and sculpture garden, on the Grand Canal and, a tour of St Mark's clock, where they take you to the top, telling you the history on the way and then you emerge into the sun and out onto a terrace with fantastic views over Venice. One more was the Arsenale district, where there are fantastic but very modest restaurants where the locals eat and our favourite, where the owner and his wife burst into song whenever the mood takes them !!
    I love it so much.
    Have a great day at Chelsea Jeanne and I am sure there will be a post on your day there. Hope the weather stays dry. XXXX

  9. Fantastic, Jackie, thanks so much for all the Venice tips. I am going to copy and paste them onto the post to be sure they are not missed.

    Blogger seems to be acting up for lots of people this week.

    I will be sure to post some photos of the Chelsea Flower Show. I am going to try something different this time, I am hoping it works :)

    Thanks again Jackie for all the wonderful travel tips for

  10. What a wonderful exihibtion , I would have enjoyed that so much, all that colour..

    And then you get to go to the Chelsea Flower Show, look forward to seeing some photos. Have a great time.xx

  11. Being a bit of a pep talker myself I can relate to the bleary-eyed bit as I dragged myself out of bed at 6am in order to get to the pool on time. Pleased I did too!! Have a great time at the Chelsea Flower show :)
    Bon weekend Jeanne

  12. Jeanne, I love your foggy day in London. The Miro exhibition at the Tate Modern looks and sounds amazing. I have never been to the Tate Modern, and now I will be adding it to my list for must sees in London! I know you will enjoy the Chelsea Flower Show. Do yo ever just want to pinch yourself at being in London and experiencing all these treasures! I am certainly grateful you are there, allowing me to be an armchair traveller. xx Sunday

  13. I wish I had been there - sounds and looks like an amazing exhibition. Sounds like you are really getting the most out of London before you go?:-)

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one struggling with blogger. I still can't comment on my own own blog!

  14. Beautiful. I love your pictures of London, even the fog pictures are wonderful. Travel is so fantastic and I am glad you soldiered on. We are in San Francisco and the sun just came out...beautiful!

  15. Beautiful post. I adore getting glimpses into the world via the gorgeous blogs I follow. I love the little taste of London, but I also very much appreciate the art. And the sun! Oh yes the sun. It has finally arrived in Boston - not a moment too soon!

  16. The Miro retrospective was amazing. I enjoyed seeing the evolution of this artist while maintaining his Catalan identity. I´ve never pegged him for a political artist but this retrospective showed that he was political as well as regionalist.

  17. Somehow I couldn't log on to my acct for a excuse my late comment Jeanne... just wanted to say that I saw Miro in Barcelona. What a privilege to view them in all their glory in his native country.


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