A Stately Home, Five Gardens and a May Fair

I have come to the conclusion that every stately English home should have an exceptional garden.
This is only because they do. I happened upon Loseley Park after a call from a friend who said that I was not to miss the May Fair on the grounds of Loseley Park. She is one of those woman who has a keen eye for shopping opportunities and whose judgement I trust explicitly.  Imagine my surprise when I drove up to find this estate as well.  I was delighted!

After filling my market basket with a few treats, I ventured over to the property for a little 'look see'.
I quickly realised that 'little' is not a word to associate with Loseley Park.

 Loseley Park was built in the time of Elizabeth I and is still the home of the More-Molyneux family.
It is said to have changed little since 1562 when Sir William More put his hands to the first stones.
Calm, grace and subtle beauty are used to describe Loseley Park and I would have to agree.
I did not have time to go into the house and will save that for another day/post. What I did manage to venture into were the beautiful gardens, all five of them. The Rose Garden, Herb Garden, Flower Garden, White Garden and the Organic Vegetable Garden. They are so immense and so beautiful that it was almost too much to take in on one visit. I can see that several trips will be required to truly appreciated this stately home.

Have a wander with me.....

 Rosa Cornelia, a hybrid musk rose.

At the end of this extensive wander, this was the most welcoming sight of all :)

More on Loseley Park, here.



  1. Gorgeous house and grounds - and pics! I've sometimes wondered what it would be like to live in a place like that. There would have to be an enormously competent staff with like awareness on the part of the owners. There are many plantation homes in Louisiana that take in visitors to maintain the upkeep. Owners actually live in narrow confines or in a guest house. More and more the younger generation wants out, the houses get sold into museums or out-right commercial enterprises.

    Once we stayed at The Chaucer House in Canterbury. It was nice to wake up and stretch into the day. It wasn't a large place but eventually got sold off. *sighs* I remember - ah, nice memories of that fabulous marble mantle, the wooden floors ... so beautiful.

  2. What serendipity. Just this morning my friend and I were reminiscing about Loseley Park and in particular, their range of ice creams because we were sure there was one called Acacia honey and Ginger and all the Acacia is in blossom round the park where we run!

  3. What a beautiful house and gardens. And what a special treat for us to be able to see it from your eyes. I love England and love all of these stately homes. I will have to put this one on my list.

    Enjoy your day!


  4. Jeanne I'm already suffering from severe wanderlust and have spent the last few days just wishing I was in England wandering around all the amazing houses and gardens. Not as good as being there but your photos are simply divine - you're making me think that perhaps I need to re-think my plans! Thank you for the tour - I'm sure I could almost smell the spring flowers! Leigh

  5. What a stunning beauty! Definitely a must-do on my next trip to London. Thank you for sharing this ....your photos
    are fantastic.

  6. How lovely! and such gorgeous photos as always... thank you for always taking us on these enchanting journeys

  7. Is there anyplace more lovely than England in May??

  8. I hope the people who live there feel and appreciate the joy of it every day. So beautiful.

  9. Thank you for the garden tour. Imagine all the work their gardeners must have to do to keep them looking so lovely!

  10. Stunning photos, I love the gardens the sort of place where you could easily spend a day.

    Thanks for sharing. xx

  11. Thank you for this address Jeanne, I've never been to Losely Park, might try and do that with my mother!
    Just read your last post, I'm so glad I'm not the only one to lose keys - and everything else!

  12. Absolutely beautiful Jeanne.....I think a visit is called for !!
    I used to buy Loseley youghurts and ice- cream. I was wondering if it was made somewhere close by..... sorry, I digress. I love the planting in the gardens and although they are vast, one can get some great ideas from these open gardens. I look forward to a post on the house soon !! XXXX

  13. Thank you for the tour. What a beautiful place.

    I wanted to say thank you again for the giveaway that I won. I've been ill for a few days, so I got to read "84 Charring Cross Road" and it was absolutely delightful. The chockies were also soooo delicious. And William and Cate were near at hand when I watched them wed. Thanks again.

  14. Extraordinary place! Good to live, relax, contemplate, live and relive wonderful moments in the presence of loved ones! Adri/Brasil/São Paulo

  15. I don't know if I could stand to live in such beauty and perfection. I wish for a stately home and a stately garden, along with all the help required for keeping them stately.

  16. Ooh, it looks so lovely! I am just overwhelmed by all the beauty here this time of year. I am putting this on 'the list'. Thanks for the reco. XOL

  17. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos. Nine years ago, my husband and I (both gardeners) visited England for our 20th aniversary, and I have missed it ever since! We came at the end of May and toured the Cotswolds, spending time at Sudeley Castle and Hidecote. I hope that we will be able to return for our 30th next year, but, until then, I just have to content myself with armchair travels. Your blog is beautiful, and I'm going to add it to my blog role right this minute, so I can return and daydream often.

  18. How absolutely beautiful. I love visiting gardens in England and am so happy to learn about this one. I will try see it when I visit in a few months.

  19. Oh so wonderful. Hopefully I will get to visit one day...

  20. Dear Jeanne, it's beautiful and so are your pictures. Hope you're good xx


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