A Picnic, Vintage Morris Minor and the Chelsea Flower Show

I felt like this sweet thing upon arrival at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday.
I thought...if I could just move this person and that person, then
just maybe I could get a picture of...something.

That's the way of these things...you just have to be prepared.
Last year I managed a ticket for arrival first thing in the morning.
This year, I was a bit late into the game and only managed
an early evening ticket, starting at 5:30pm.

To be honest, it is wonderful to be there any time of the day.
You just have to go with the flow.
So....while I organise my photo files, I thought
I would invite you to join me on a picnic.

How about we fire up the motor on this beauty below,
a Morris Minor 1000 Traveller Estate Wagon.
I am seriously wondering if I could tuck this car away in one of
our containers on our next move. We brought two 40' containers from
New Zealand to England...what's one more when it is in the name of love?

I say, we take the car, park it under a big old tree, 
with a view of the English countryside. 

How about a trailer off the back of the car to tote along this shed?
A shed of our own and the comfort of a big old tree.
We can call it home sweet home for the afternoon.

We would not have to pack much as I would have planned a hamper
from Fortnum and Mason (here) because really...when you are going on a picnic..you
just have to do it right.  Be sure to bring your latest summer hat, we must take care 
from the sun in the name of midlife beauty. My latest thoughts on that, here.

 I like the notion of bringing along a few vintage 
gardening books to keep in the spirit of the moment. 
Cameras, sketch pads, music, arm chairs, 
a few kilim rugs, overstuffed pillows....
Do you think it will fit?

I promise to pack a few surprises in these vintage suitcases to keep
us entertained. If I gave one to you to pack for our picnic,
what would you bring along?

In the spirit of a weekend outing, I am sending you best wishes
for a wonderful weekend. Short or long, I hope it is fruitful !

More on Chelsea Flower Show coming up...
an inspiration or two at a time. :)

PS..Does anyone know what has
happened to the FOLLOWERS
widget from the sidebar? A few
other thing have gone MIA
too. Same for you?

Top image- a greeting card from my collection.
All others taken by me somewhere in between
the masses at the Chelsea Flower Show.


  1. Hi Jeanne
    Your pics are lovely, the car is wonderful!! Looks like you had a great day.
    I've also lost my follower button, and people can't leave comments - we love blogger when it works perfectly!

  2. Hi Sharon...thanks for that. I think the car would be a perfect addition to your Brocante market :)
    Fingers crossed Blogger gets it's act together soon.
    Good luck with your market :)

  3. Jeanne, what a fun experience, though obviously very crowded. But as you said you just have to go with it. Love the car, my husband would adore it as he loves classic cars. One day I will make it to the Chelsea flower show, it is a dream of mine.
    I have been trying to get pictures next to the blogs on my blog roll, the way you have them on yours, but have been unsuccessful. Maybe it's another "blogger" problem. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. Thanks Sunday...I am sure you will go one day :) Loved your post on the Lost Generation today. I added it to my Facebook page to share with friends. I will write separately on ideas to get photos onto you blog roll.xx

  5. Oh, that is exactly the car of my dreams! I can just see Edward's big white head beside me in the front seat. And just imagine all the oakleaf hydrangeas I could fit in the back!

    Yes, the followers have disappeared on my blog as well. They came back earlier today, then vanished again. They are back now, so I'm hopeful. Blogger is having a bad week.

    1. My entire blog disappeared from my website on Wordpress! I had no idea what to do! LORDY!!!

      Not just one; the entire category!! Not one blog! One wonderful subscriber told me! YIKES! The whole category is gone from my website!

      Magically...........it seems to have come back!

      Love this blog.......and all of you!


  6. Really nice blog! :D

    Louise Cecilie // www.LouiseCecilie.blogspot.com

  7. I will pack a vintage lace tablecloth to spread on the ground and perhaps a couple of wooden folding chairs with striped cloth seats. Oh...and don't forget to bring along the Victrola and a few classical records. In my suitcase would be a long denim skirt, a pair of espadrilles, a white tee and a stack of silver bracelets.

  8. Louise...many thanks,

    Lisa and Pamela, you both have the right idea..I think we would be perfect picnic buddies :)

  9. We left England a little early to catch Chelsea but will look forward to seeing your photos, Jeanne! And, oh my...that car! If they can't design delightful looking cars like that anymore, why can't we, at least, have some of those great colors again?



  10. I've always dreamed of attending this show. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    My followers disappeared this week. Fortunately they reappeared yesterday. I see your's are showing for me.
    ~ Sarah

  11. Thanks for transporting me, Jeanne - it looks so delightful there. As for the Followers widget, mine went MIA for a few days. I posted a help request to Blogger. No response but then it reappeared again after a few days. I have no idea what is happening at Blogger HQ. J x

  12. I am with you Joe..it is a great car. I see them frequently around the back roads of Surrey and find the driver is just as interesting as the car. Wish I could figure how to drive and shoot pictures at the same time :)

  13. Followers back up and running. A couple of people have written to say they can't comment. I assume that is now sorted too :) Best wishes for a fab day to one and all...

  14. A friend of mine used to have one of these gorgeous cars Jeanne, and as schoolgirls we'd all pile in for the ride to school. Back in the long ago day! It was cool then and looks to be even more so now. I'd love to visit Chelsea one day, crowds and all. xx

  15. Those suitcases! I want them! And the car, of course is lovely. But, oh those suitcases! My grandmother and mom had a few of those and a few years back, my dad got sick of moving them from place to place in the garage and just took them to the dump. Can you imagine?!

  16. Jeanne - what a truly gorgeous post {as always!}. That car is truly gorgeous...I wonder if it has a matching campervan that could be tugged along behind...how cool would that be? As for Blogger...I'm wondering about Wordpress. Meredy xo

  17. Oh, how wonderful a Morris Minor Van, we love the Morris Minor here in NZ. My first car was a blue "Morrie" once a week loaded with kids for a trip to visit my sister on the North Shore, driving over the Harbour Bridge.

    I think I would pack my suitcase with some lovely New Zealand wine, a nice selection of cheeses and of course a few bars of Cadbury chocolate. And perhaps a few back issues of Next magazine..

  18. I get a sneaky suspicion that someone from Wordpress has swapped out Blogger's normal ciggies for the herbal variety if you get my drift. The Blogger dudes seem to be on another planet at present!
    Millie x

  19. perfectly lovely! I pinned some photos from here ... thanks for sharing all this loveliness, Jeanne!

  20. This post is classier than the traveling picnics enjoyed by "tin can tourists" in Florida during the 1950s. :)

    Yes, Google is definitely serving up some problems these days...the followers widget is gone and the comments (on some blogs) are impossible to post without going "anonymous" I think your setup here is working because I'm identified rather than being asked to "select a profile"
    Let's see...

  21. Jeanne I didn't get there this year but I was hoping you'd go and post some divine photos and you didn't let me down! I'm determined to be there next year - perhaps we can manage to be there on the same day again but this time meet up! Leigh

  22. Would love to Leigh! I thought of you and those gorgeous Irish gardens you posted last year. I had a feeling that this show would be a lot of fun for you. :)

  23. My dad redid a Morris.

    Alas, while in college he GAVE it away.

    Thought it would be MINE.

    He didn't want me driving a stick.

    Still want THAT car.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  24. I remember when you joined in Summer Sumdays last year. It's now called Seasonal Sundays to allow for participation throughout the year. This Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the meme. I'd love to have you and your magical posts join us again.

    - The Tablescaper

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