The luxury of a deep arm chair....

I was on the train this morning, reading A Room of One's Own by Virgina Woolf. 
It is my 'train' book, one that I pull out for the journey in and out of London. In the book, 
Virginia Woolf writes about the luxury of sitting in a deep arm chair. She mentions it along with  mysterious autumn moonlight, venerable old stone, quiet rooms, assembled books, 
pleasant carpets, urbanity, geniality, dignity, privacy and space....very VW.

Do you enjoy deep arm chairs? In our family, we each have a favourite. 
We plop ourselves down and then the most curious thing happens. We each take shape.  
I am a 'wrap and curl' sitter, bolstered by cushions. Mr. H likes the long sprawl, 
so he is designated to the couch. Mr. H is quite tall so deep arm chairs are a must. 
It drives anyone who likes a short, upright chair to near distraction as they sink 
into the abyss of our family favourites.

The chair and a half concept best describes our chairs.
The wider, the deeper, the better, with a few extra
 throw cushions for me.

How about you?
Do you enjoy the luxury of a deep arm chair? 
Is there a favourite chair waiting for you at the end of the day?
Do you 'take shape' too?

Simple thoughts to add to my random thoughts of yesterday :)


  1. What an interesting question. I am more of a sofa person myself. I like to have my down blanket, a pile of magazines, a cup of cocoa, and a book. Then I curl up in the corner and leave the rest of the sofa for all of my stuff, and of course my little pup, who also likes the down blanket and the cocoa.

  2. I can imagine you on the train, reading, pausing, and thinking. Very nice. My hub has this very deep, very wide recliner that sprawls outward. I can read his mood from his position in the chair. He'll say, "How do you know XXX?" And I'll just smile. As for me, I'm curled on the couch, blanket over my legs, toes exposed. For some odd reason, I don't like my toes covered.

  3. Hmm, I am more of a sprawling on the 2seater type of person. I love nothing more than stretching my very short legs on the sofa, cat on my lap and book in my hands. Usually more so in the Winter than any other time of the year.

    Loved your post to your Mum, not hard to see where you get your talents from. xx

  4. Mr Home and I both stretch out on seperate sofa's. I need a new one and, I am so reluctant to get rid of the old one because it is really deep and, the one that I want to change it for, isn't as deep so I have a dilemma !!
    Buying a new sofa is so difficult. It doesn't matter how long one sits on it in the shop, you only know if you've bought the right one after a couple of months.
    .....oh, and I love those one and a half armchairs. Perfect for the wrap and curler, like you Jeanne. XXXX

  5. You made me realize, with this post Jeanne, I have three different 'spots' in the house...each with it's own cushions and blankets. A loveseat in our bedroom, positioned to capture an early morning sunrise; a leather loveseat on the mainfloor, with just enough curl-up space for me, a Versace cushion, my morning coffee and crossword; and a big leather chair with ottoman on the TV viewing level (my name for the basement) with my favourite afghan...ready for American Idol/Midsommer Murders/South Riding viewing. Pretty indulgent I say!

  6. I love that book by Virginia Woolf, and in fact she is my favorite writer. I usually sit in my living room (which rarely gets used) in a cozy arm chair covered in an English chintz fabric. This is where I read with my feet on the ottoman. I have a perfect view of the garden in the front of my house. it makes me very happy.

  7. How nice to know there is another that thinks about their own requirements in a chair. I searched for almost 7 years until I found my chair, a deep seat with ottoman in red leather. I knew what I wanted and searched. There of course is my table next to me with my tools for knittin, quilting or needle work. My light behind me and always, alway a quilt. I have many and they change with the seasons or sometimes with my mood. My place and I know my husband is our own special place. It is a small pleasure but oh so special. By the way, I am now looking for that special chair for my sewing room. I also have on in the bedroom in case I just want to go read. PattiO

  8. Ok, I am officially in love with all the comments today. Deep deep thoughts on arm chairs and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who has lingering thoughts about that beloved spot we can call our own.

    I appreciate every little tid bit of information you have provided. It has been sheer delight and has got me thru many a frantic moment today. Gotta love that iphone!!


  9. Oh yes I definitely have my favourite spot and I like to prop myself up with pillows and I curl up like a cat.

  10. As I scroll through some beautiful blogs I have not had the pleasure seeing, I see those couches and just want to lull around and read some more. So comfy looking.

  11. I love armchairs (so long as they're not leather because I slide off when trying to curl up!), especially if they're big enough to curl up in! I also love sofas because I enjoy putting my feet up. We're struggling to find comfortable dining chairs at the moment, but thats another story!

  12. Not much is better than a comfy chair and a good book, is there?

  13. I have two favorite places to curl up. The one in my bedroom is dark green velvet wingback chair with down cushions, right in front of the fireplace in the winter or in front of the windows, offering the view of the valley the rest of the year. I prop my feet up on the ottoman and daydream away. The other one is in my family room, and this one is a sofa, long and deep, again with down filled cushions. This is where I like to wrap myself up in a blanket, prop up on a pillow or two and read away.


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