A Sitting Room of Ones Own

'This was a woman's room, graceful, fragile, the room of someone who has chosen every particle of furniture with great care, so that each chair, each vase, each small infinitesimal thing should be in harmony with one another, and with her own personality. It was as though she who had arranged this room has said" This I will have, and this, and this," taking piece by piece from the treasures in Manderly each object that pleased her best, ignoring the second-rate, the mediocre, laying her hand with sure and certain instinct only upon the best.' Daphne du Maurier
I read this passage recently and thought of the above photo from Elle Decor. It intrigues me. I look at it and hear soft music, see a good book sitting on the side table, a pair of shoes tucked under the sofa and my faithful dog, Tika, resting close by. Oh, and a glass of sauvignon blanc...
                                                                 Image via Elle Decor

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