#2 Dear B....Packing 101

Homemaker saga continues.....

Dear B...

One of the hardest decisions to make when moving is what to do with the years and years of magazines that one has collected.  I am talking about a lot of magazines. Your husband says to get rid of them, your movers say...' your surely not thinking of taking them' and any book you pick up on 'Clearing Your Clutter' says to move on and let it go. But, I can't, so now I think of ways that I could secretly hide my magazines in our belongings...ways I could separate and disperse so no one would be the wiser.
Here is what I have come up with-

  • Tuck one magazine in the folds of each towel and sheet set.  A bonus if you happen to fold in threes.
  • Always wanted tree boots? No need. Fold and tuck a magazine into each boot. Buy more boots if necessary.
  • Do a midnight run before packing and tuck one magazine between each shirt in the kids bureaus etc… A super bonus for anyone with a large family.
  • Fill the spare tire compartment in your car with magazines. Toss the tire.
  • Raid the kitchen. Place one magazine between each frying pan during packing. If you do not have enough pans consider a large farewell party in your honour. You will need more pans to cook for everyone.
  • Think Martha..and improvise with magazines between plates and platters. Be careful!
  • Consider toy chests. Donate kids toys to charity and fill with magazines.
  • Reconsider all those boxes of Christmas decorations you have...do you really need them all? ‘Let go’ and replace with magazines.
  • Ooh, and yes..don't forget all those handbags, dufflebags, suitcases, lunch boxes, pretty storage boxes......
I reckon by the time this all happens maybe a hundred or so magazines will be safely tucked away. Just imagine the delight when several weeks later, in your new home, you discover your little treasures :)

From Clever Homemaker    (Images via Google)


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