Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Style Icons Thru The Years....

I was sitting in the hairdressers with my usual stacks of magazines 
and started thinking about the women that have been my style icons thru the years. 
It started when I was about 14 and spent hours thumbing thru 
Seventeen magazine and my mother's issues of Vogue.

Lauren Hutton was my first 'woman to watch' when I was just a fresh faced teenager. 

As a young woman I grew up enjoying any film with Jill Clayburgh in it. 

In college, I clipped a newspaper article of Diane Keaton's Academy Award for Annie Hall 
and still have it in my college scrapbook. She still is the 'it' girl in my books. 

Charlotte Rampling and Catherine Deneuve are mysterious and so so cool. 

Who can forget Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago and the many more films that followed. 

Kirsten Scott Thomas is 'so english' and elegant, Ellen Burstyn has grace and charm 
and Meryl Streep is just Meryl Streep, words can't begin to describe her. 

Helen Mirren is gutsy and a pleasure to watch on screen.  

I have grown up with these women and the pleasure has been all mine. 
I intentionally captured images of them in more recent years. 
They are all as beautiful as the days when I started following them 
so so many years ago. They are an inspiration!

Images via Google
PS..apologies on the credit to individual
photos. This is one of my first posts
and I was uncertain how to credit photos.
I found them all on Google..somewhere :)

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  1. Very elegant women! I love love love it. My favorite is also Isabel Preysler, wish I can age like her!


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