A boy and his dog together again

Some of you may recall tales of our dog Tika having a splash 
at my sons pool party in New Zealand just four weeks ago. 
Since then she has been in a boarding kennel and arrived 
safe and sound early this morning into Heathrow. 

You would think the Queen was coming to visit...we were that excited! 
Every moment was captured...
Her tail was thumping when the door to the van opened up.

From then it was a mystery to her as to what to do next. 
Born and bred between Australia and New Zealand 
she was in awe of the snow and chilly weather.

Nothing like a boy and his dog...together at last.

and in his safe care...again.

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  1. Oh, you must be so happy to have your sweetheart home with you! Looks like a real sweetie too!

  2. SO true! Very cool relationship between kids & their dogs! Cute post...I loved it!

  3. Oh how lovely... how long did he have to stay in quarantine? So pleased he is ok and looks so very happy too...!

  4. Oh Jeanne, I just adore this post. The photo of Tika looking up at the camera after seeing snow for the first time....priceless! The photo of your son walking in the snow....the red jacket, the gnarly trees with snow-laden branches...perfection. You should frame it. You are absolutely fulfilling all my English country living fantasies. If you have an Aga, I don't suppose you could dedicate a whole post to it could you? Meredith xo.
    p.s. thank you so much for the generous Kreative Blogger award...you are just lovely, you are:)

  5. Your're gonna have to get her a doggy blanket! Just think of all the designer blankets you can buy!

  6. I am sure there was a jubilant celebration when you reunited with your dog. I love the image of your son walking with the dog down the lane...postcard worthy.

  7. Oh this means more to me now that we have our own puppy. I am so happy for you all to be re united with Tikka. Lots of love <3<3


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