Love is in the air in Paris

The city of love is preparing itself for Valentine's Day. 
Pink and red are the colours in Paris 
at the moment and it is everywhere.

Have you planned for your sweetheart (s) yet?
Now is the time to plan something extra special!

Image of heart from a card purchased in Paris
All other images taken by me in and around Paris


  1. What a fun window shopping these images. I try to never use the word envy, but I do think you are so lucky to get to be in anytime, but especially at Christmas and Valentine's Day. The window displays must be absolutely beautiful...the bakery items are always fabulous, but for Valentine's Day, I'm sure every little chocolate, cupcake, tart is over the top.

  2. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Just found your blog, I love your images of Paris. You have such a good photographer's eye and how lucjy to visit with your daughter! Paris is romantic any time of the year but Valentine's Day even more so.
    I'll be following along and will be back soon.
    Bon soirée!

  3. Jeanne - The shoes!! Eiffel tower heels!!! - Loving all your photos - gorgeous images...haven't been to Paris for so long...this is making me want to plan a trip...thank you for your sweet thoughts - so much appreciated Susie x

  4. Thanks Susie, I spotted the shoes in the display case outside the Eiffel tower gift shop. It was filled with lots of interesting bits and pieces. I thought of shoes were a lot of fun. My second favourite was the circa 1940's china Eiffel tower lamp but I thought I would save that for another occasion!

  5. Paris must have been heavenly - and so love the reds in these images - the shoes are amazing!
    S x

  6. They really go to town on Valentines Day in Paris, don't they ? I guess it is the city of love. after all.
    I think that you should sell that photo of the old man in his red scarf. I think that it could become an iconic photograph, Jeanne. XXXX

  7. I'm drawn to the solitary man with his red scarf. So romantic. And those shoes!
    LOVE heels, and those have such an awesome one.

  8. I liked all the images. Visiting places is something that I have always liked doing. The images of a place from a photographer's eye is quite different from the real image of the city. What do you think?

    Joy always,

  9. Soooo jealous. I am glad you are, as always, making the most of your time in the UK. I first visited Paris in winter and found it fascinating then too. I don't think it matters when you go, just enjoy!


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