Sharing in the Joys of Hearth and Home

I have been reading wonderful blogs of late from so many gifted and talented men and women who take pleasure in the many joys of hearth and home. Some are pulling their houses apart to bring in the new, others are astounding us with their sense of style and design, many are sharing their crafting talents which never cease to amaze me, others are offering us the very best of their tried and true recipes, we never have to look far for beautiful writing and photography to inspire us, our gardens will be a visual delight come spring thru all the gardening tips and we never have to look far to know that their are others who share in the rewards and yes, sometimes headaches of just have to scroll down any blog list to see all these talented men and women. I think we are lucky to have so many wonderful people to share our interests with. I find it all truly inspiring and just want to share that thought and thank you!

Image via postcard purchased in Paris


  1. What a nice post! It fills me with sunshine and stars.


    Joy always,

  2. What a sweet post! I'm so glad I found your page! And thanks for the link to the other site. I took a peek - it looks great and I will definitely be looking further soon. Thanks so much! As for the books, don't worry, I am still keeping the other several hundred. But two huge bookcases were overflowing - they were double-deep, on top, and on the floor. These definitely need to go! Thank goodness for the Kindle!

  3. Jeanne, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm always astounded by the sense of style, talent and the generosity to share it that so many bloggers possess. (Yours included).

    I was recently reading about a bloggers convention called "Alt Summit" that was held in the US last week. The bloggers who attended unanimously agreed that the generosity, camraderie and good humour between all these incredibly creative, talented bloggers was amazing. Alot of these women have hugely popular design sites, yet were completely humble and honest about their blogging adventures. I found the post via sfgirlbybay, if you are interested in reading more.

    Thanks for being a lovely place to visit...I love it here. Meredy xo.

  4. Well, thank you too, Jeanne. I have always loved interior design and over the years have enjoyed decorating our home. I only started my blog because I came across the wonderful Scandanavian blogs that have such beautiful interiors. At the top of the page were the words 'Create Blog' and that was it. I didn't want to share my life story with everyone or discuss deep and meaningful topics (I can do that with my friends here). I just wanted to meet like- minded people who share the same interests. ...and that is what happened. I have met such lovely people who like a good chat and a look at some interiors, garden and travels and hope to give and get some inspiration. Nothing more, nothing less. XXXX

  5. Beautiful postcard! And you are so right, Jeanne. The blogosphere is full of wonderful blogs! I almost cannot imagine my life before. Isn't that funny?

  6. Hi Jeanne
    Great post.. and so true. I'm always amazed at the clever and creative people out there.. It was quite a shock to find all this when I first started blogging. I think I read them all for about 6 months before I got the courage up to start my own. Another great thing is watching people bloom through their blogging.. some finding hidden talents just waiting to be unleashed... it's quite amazing..

    Thanks for popping over for Australia Day.. It was great to have the rest of the world pop in. You know I love those crazy cockatoos.. even if they are destructive he he.. xx Julie

  7. So true, So true! I also feel that I look at life differently since blogging..with a heightened sense of awareness and eagerness to do it all :)

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