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I am sitting here desperate for the touch and feel of all these wonderful sheets at Williams-Sonoma. Here I sit, in 'The Rental' with all our belongings in a container somewhere off the shore of New Zealand on their way to the UK. Why oh why did I not put our nice comfy sheets in air freight?? In the coldest winter in the UK in 25 years! Why oh why did I elect to take the bedding rental package instead? While it all looked white, puffy and wonderful when we arrived, we soon discovered they are 100% polyester. If you count threads in your sheeting you will know how I feel! So here I sit, longingly reading and reaching out to the Williams-Sonoma email that I just received. Every word...every fibre is a treasure. If only I could take it all.....

PS...I neglected to mention that I chose our computer equipment and cooking essentials as priority over the bedding in our air freight...only 8 boxes. What is a girl to do?

Elephant Scroll Embroidered Bedding

Scrolling bamboo and an iconic elephant, the ancient symbol of dignity and intelligence, endow this bedding with character. • Satin stitched in chocolate on crisp white cotton percale• 200 thread count • Elephant icon appears on the boudoir sham• Bamboo pattern edges the flat sheet and cases, and frames the duvet cover and shams
GingerJar Embroidered Sheeting

Ming clouds and Greek keys border our sheeting with serene color.  motif edges the flat sheet and cases, and frames the flanged boudoir sham, which is embellished with a single embroidered ginger jar.• Soft white 100% cotton• 300 thread count• Made in Italy
Signature Bedding Collection
Sateen Sheeting

Sewn from lustrous 600-thread-count two-ply Egyptian-cotton sateen, our Italian sheeting becomes even richer in texture with use and laundering.• Flat sheet and pillowcases are tailored with tucked hems• Loomed from long staple Egyptian cotton• 600 thread count• Made in Italy
Silk and Cotton Solid Sheeting

Our most luxurious Italian sheeting is sewn from a 990-thread-count superior blend of four-ply silk and cotton, offering charmeuse-like texture and luster as well as year-round comfort.• Lightweight, breathable fibers insulate beautifully in any season• Loomed from silk and long-staple Egyptian-cotton• 990 thread count• Made in Italy

and a throw...of course

Exotic prints make a bold impression on our plush waterweave throws.• A luxurious blend of 75% cashmere and 25% wool• Ivory with a camel leopard or chocolate zebra pattern on one side
One last thing.... 

with the letter 'H' monogrammed on the bedding. 
Why not?...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
Images via William Sonoma


  1. Dear Jeanne - I was just leaving my desk for the umpteenth time today when I spotted this & had to reply!!! This really rings a bell with me...when I packed up the house in Sydney my LAB was already over here and waiting at 'the rental' for the air freight boxes packed by me to has been a great conversation piece ever since i.e. 'What are the singularly most important things you can't live without and would pack in your air freight boxes'? For me, it was (like you) essential cookware, good knives, our great coffee maker (thank God - you will have already discovered that England is a wasteland as far as coffee goes!) & last but not least my down pillows and doona (it was January too!) Although the weather was nowhere near as cold, I just couldn't feel 'at home' without them....if you are feeling similarly bereft, Marks & Spencer do some very good, very reasonably priced bedding which you could always keep for the spare room when yours arrives (alternatively, John Lewis & Debenhams currently have sales on - try online)...It's not W & S but would give you that feeling of comfort no amount of polyester ever will...Love Susie x

  2. Oh my … Jeanne,

    My heart felt sympathies go out to you, and yes, I to would languish for the feel of good sheets.
    There are certain things I strive to not-to do without:

    1) down pillows
    2) top quality sheets
    2) Grand Marnier
    4) Devonshire cream
    5) Applewood smoked cheddar

    Much more on the list, it could carry on and on ...

    I hope you get back your sheets “soon” and then again, can slip between them and wallow in their comfort.

  3. I see that you have listed England as one of your interests! Maybe you would be interested in my new blog:

    As often as possible I will post photographs of glorious vistas, charming close-ups, and interesting tidbits of life in Great Britain for the pleasure of Anglophiles everywhere!

  4. Polyester?! Oh I feel your pain, that is truly a hardship. Well I suppose you'll know for next time, and you will get your beautiful sheets back eventually. Perhaps in the meantime an offensively expensive finely woven pair of pajamas would mitigate the pain?

  5. Oh Jeanne I am right with you on this one!!

    I love comfy sheets.. in fact one of my #1 priorities!! The first time I stayed in 5 star I was in shock at what I had been missing out on,.

    I would think though you would find better quality over there. I struggle to find what I want here [well at least at a reasonable price] and I love big bed pillows and the queen size pillow slips are very scarce around here.... I'm just a tad jealous of that sale!! haha

    Take care.. and thanks for dropping by my way x Julie

    PS I love Nina Simone also as you know.. my cd broke some time back and I must dig it out before I commit to which is my favourite of hers.. think i should put that on my shopping list!!

  6. I can imagine that being enveloped in the coldest winter in 25 years would quicky crystalise your bedding priorities. Maybe you can get one of those sofa know the ones that are a doona with arm holes! I'm killing myself laughing as I type just thinking about your family all sitting around in the evening watching TV in your blankies with arm holes. Fun for the whole family!.

    I hope you get some thread love soon. Meredy xo.
    p.s. my validation word is "hersucki", but I'll not take it personaly.

  7. Thank you all....I think I am just going to have to add to our collection. Susie has given me some great I go, as soon as it stops snowing :)


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