The earthy delights of the country

Mr. H and I were discussing the features of the perfect chair and were pretty much in agreement that this would do in any corner of the house. The photo was taken at artist and illustrator Joe Eula's stone house by Steven Gross and Susan Daley who have written a charming collection of books with beautiful photographsof interior amongst many other things. 

I have highlighted a few images that I particularly like.

Two images above from Catskills Country Style of artist 
         Frank Faulkner's studio and home in an old church and manse.

Four images above from At Home With The Past.

Two images above from Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center. 

Two images above from Santa Fe Houses and Gardens
Wonderful earthy colours!
Just one last image that I could not resist

It's lovely!
Photos and books can be found at Gross and Daley with the exception of the last photos which can be found at Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center
PSS..this has been the most frustrating post not know what is happening to my alignment...GGRRR.....apologies!


  1. Hi Jeanne
    You have some wonderful images in this post.. I love those little slip covered chairs... so practical and stylish.. and I always find myself attracted to the blues!! another lovely room.. but I could just curl up on that first chaise and read a book all weekend! Hope yours is relaxing.. xx Julie

  2. Love the post - some great images! And I would definitely be found in that chair, with my warmest, softest throw, book in hand ... loved it! thanks for stopping by again, and for your sweet comments!

  3. Gorgeous photos. I can totally see curling up in a chair like that.

  4. I love all of these images, Jeanne.
    I am coveting that pistachio green bedroom and the blue one.
    The beautiful distressed walls in the bathroom and on the door with that wonderful doorknob.... and, of course, the first picture of that chaise-type chair. Gorgeous, all of it. XXXX

  5. Jeanne, I love these photos. A long time ago I fell in love with a chair as the one in the first image. I carried that picture in my wallet for years, and showed it to my husband when we were dating. When we married he surprised me by having a huge custom made bed just like it.

  6. Hi there again!Adore this collection of rooms and the chalky colours on display! THAT chair looks sooo comfy!!Happy Sunday, hope your enjoying the UK! Sharon xox

  7. What a classy, well-put-together blog, Jeanne. Top marks for choice of subject and presentation.

  8. Really beautiful interiors here...

    Thanks so much for your comment, I noticed where you said you had taken some photographs in a cemetery recently, and were hesitating to blog about them. I think if the subject is treated with respect, that cemeteries can inspire all sorts of poetry and art... please do let me know if you decide to post them, I'd like to see them...

  9. I wrote a book of which Gross + Daley did the principal photography: THE PANTRY-ITS HISTORY and MODERN USES [Gibbs Smith: 2007] I would be delighted to send you a copy as I now sell it from my website since it was remaindered (so it is hard to find). Many of the pantries are in the Monadnock region which I styled and they shot back in 2005. We moved from our Hancock village house in 2008 and I'm glad to have found your blog again because it is good to "visit" the area from time to time when I can't get away from our farm in Kentucky. Best wishes, Catherine Pond


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