Bringing a room to life

We have a little conservatory that is sitting empty until our furniture arrives. Each day I look into it and try to imagine what we will use if for. It is an extension off our family room.  Designer Oliver Heath suggested the following for House Beautiful and I thought, wouldn't it be nice....

Maybe a mini version of all this?? Any ideas? Suggestions most welcome!
PS..Just received a wonderful article written by Robin Catalano for Berkshire Living. It is about the creation of a conservatory inspired by a couples favourite inn in Bordeaux. Read on...



  1. Oh you lucky girl! I sooo want a conservatory ... off the family room I would use it for casual dining, a reading nook ... oh the possibilities! Lucky ducks!

  2. Oh that is quite envy-worthy! I love that room in the photo...I would just hang out there all day long. I think you have to have a comfortable place to read in the place that will receive such wonderful light!

  3. My mind is mentally sorting through my tear-sheet files for some wonderful suggestions (illustrations). Unfortunately, by the time I could find the pages, figure out how to work my new'll have it beautifully furnished and will have already hosted your first 'show-it-off' party. I'm sure it will be great. Can't wait for before/after photos.

  4. Rita,

    If you come across ideas, please send! Our furniture is due to arrive February 18th...if we are lucky. I can appreciate the scanner woes...I just spent a small fortune trying to get mine up and running essential blogger tool!
    Many thanks for your comment!

  5. Perhaps you will find inspiration from this article.

  6. Thank you seaglass....great article!


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