Weekend in Paris

And we are off! Mother and Daughter #1 start bright and early in the morning to catch the Eurostar from London to Paris for a long weekend. We are so so excited!

What shall we do?

Well Mother would like to reenact a few scenes from 'Julie and Julia'...
we do remember how much she loved butter!

I wonder if I could manage to try every one of these in three days??

We will be staying on Rue de Rivoli and are ready to hit the ground running!

Thank goodness for my new Musto winter coat...perfect timing as it is snowing in Paris.

Oh yes, whilst sampling at the local patisserie I hope to pop into Hermes...I just love everything about that store and long to own the perfect Hermes scarf.

My daughter, Christine Elise, is keen to shop

Her mother (moi), Jeanne Marie, is keen as well! We will be thinking of 
Daughter #2, Claire Louise, as mother looks forward to another 
Mother and Daughter trip to Paris later in the year :)

Wishing one and all a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne Marie and Christine Elise
PS..she is 19 but I couldn't resist, this button is to cute!

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Second to last image from Paris Breakfasts


  1. Beautiful! Have a great time - and don't forget the macaron at Laduree!

  2. I'm oh so envious Jeanne. If I suggested a weekend shopping in Paris with any of the 5 sons, I'd be dismissed in an instant! Have the most wonderful weekend.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Oh have fun Jeanne how lovely to be doing a mother and daughter weekend together.... Enjoy and let us know all about it later on!
    S x

  4. Dear Jeanne - have a wonderful weekend - we are green with envy - our mother and daughter trip tomorrow is to Norfolk via the M25 so will be thinking of you winging your way to Paris in Eurostar comfort (hopefully!!) Susie x

  5. Oh and I forgot to say... check out my post Jan 21st - And the Winners are.....

  6. I hope to do this with my beloved daughter sometime...have a delcious romp in the snow and enjoy the best of shopping....

  7. Please, please have a macaron at Laduree and then tell us all about it. You are living the dream, Jeanne. Have a marvellous time. Meredy xo.

  8. Have a wonderful weekend Jeanne, two girls taking on the world.. I'd love a trip to Paris but as you know it would take me 20 hrs to get there..

    Cute button... xx Julie

  9. Golly! those photo's make me whip my bottom lip.
    Can't stop drooling. Gorgeous..


  10. Oh! I hope you had every single one of those delicious pastries! And how fun to be going with your daughter! I cannot wait until my baby is old enough to share such beautiful experiences with.


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