Looking at the Louvre

My last visit to Paris was in 1978. I was the same age as my daughter (19) but have to say my trip had a different focus. I was not with my mother but with 50 other American students and we had one thing on our mind as we travelled around Europe and I have the photos to prove it. There is one photo of baby bottles filled with wine...need I say more?? Many years on I have a different agenda (one should hope so) which makes this visit to Paris so exciting. Fortunately for me my daughter enjoys art history and had a list of paintings she was keen to see at the Louvre. I did not mention my expectations at the same age when I visited Paris all those years ago. Off we went and as you would expect it was just spectacular. We just spent a few hours...leaving more for our next visit.

I love this photo, it is so intriguing....everything a museum should be.

The shapes and contrasts to this entrance are wonderful.

My angel wings again...just had to take it.

Apologies as  I had photographed the description of the paintings but in my editing I manage to mix them all up. There are over 35,000 pieces of art in the Louvre, imagine if that happened to them! I only have six!

I am always in awe of the grace, form and colour in these paintings...so rich!

God bless her...her work was equally as beautiful.

I could relate...my mother always told me that my nose was a sign
of french aristocracy and I have used that line ever since!

I seem to be drawn to windows at museums...wondering how it must have been.

Yes, I know, I think I took more exterior photos than interior. I was in that kind of mood.
Something about those grey skies.

I was imagining tapping this fellow on the shoulder.

Our morning at the Louvre was a success on all fronts. We can only look forward to more the next time. I also wondered what the view would be like from the windows on the other side :)
 From there we moved on to Saint Chapelle and Notre Dame.
But more on that later.....

Images taken by me at 
Musee du Louvre
January 2010


  1. Absolutely stunning... And love the views from the windows especially.
    SE x

  2. Dear Jeanne - love all your gorgeous photos - the first one really does encompass everything about a visit to a museum for me...so glad you had a wonderful trip; have been enjoying reading all about it but comments have been a bit few & far between as we gear up for the Heathrow run at an ungodly hour tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing more (Laduree looked wonderful - their tea is divine...did you try their special blend?) Incidentally we found a great Thai restaurant in Guildford yesterday - will send you details if you like Thai..! Susie x

  3. So beautiful! Gorgeous - there IS something about those skies, isn't there ... you can post 1000 photos of Paris and I promise we will love them all! And as for that bust, YOU, my dear, are a thousand times prettier!

  4. Dear Jeanne,

    Great Photos,Post(s) and Blog - Paris, Paris, Paris - I pop over now and then...
    France - Can change you forever...



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