Still thinking....

This is where I want to be with a cup of tea resting by my side and a book in front of me.  I would have my ipod set up as well listening to my favourite song at the moment.... Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major by Yo Yo Ma.

This is what comes to mind when you start to contemplate Day 25 of living in a new country.
I am still thinking....

Images via Traditional Homes magazine and itunes.


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Great choice of music - Yo Yo Ma is as close to heaven as you can get! Leigh

  2. Dear Jeanne - I love this music & thanks for the link...having just got my very first i-pod it's a learning curve as to how I get the music onto it! My GG was supposed to be giving me lessons but her skyping time with the new b/f has interfered! Seems as if you are having a reflective day - all part of the settling in process & am sure your music collection is an invaluable part of that...I'm so impressed with all your activity in your new surroundings ....when I saw your post about Hampton Court I felt very inadequate! My GG has been here since Christmas and we haven't even ventured to the roman baths (8 miles away!!) Having said that, she's not too keen on going too far from the radiators! Hope you are staying warm..I must admit, when I was booking her return ticket yesterday I did wonder if I should go with her.....! Best wishes, Susie x

  3. Hi Jeanne
    Looks like the perfect place to relax.. by the water and away from the crowds. ... Thanks for the music link too.. x Julie

  4. Sound wonderful to me! I need warm weather, and to be waterside with a good book!


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