Afternoon Siestas and the Giveaway Winners :)

If you have a touch of creative ingenuity, which I imagine many of you do,
here are a few possibilities for you. Some of you may take them as they are, 
others may need an adjustment or two, but either way, you could have a good play 
with any of the creations below. All from House to Home.

A frame here, rolls of your favourite fabric there, a few twists
and ties and you have your own shady spot for an afternoon siesta.
Pretty easy living if you ask me.

When pink is more...

Photo by Tom Leighton

when simple is best...

Photo by Dan Duchars

when the day is done...

 Photo by Jo Barnes

when flowers are in bloom...

when the sun it about to set...

 Photo by Simon Bevan

On my to do list: 
~Find one unusual chandelier.
~Create six colourful directors chairs.
~Look for rolls and rolls of the 
sheerest white fabric.
~Find four bleached wooden poles 
and tie a beautiful fabric from end to end.
~Think pink and search the seashore 
for perfect specimens of driftwood. 
~Announce the winners of my
New Zealand Country Living Giveaway

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

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4, 16, 3
All images and credits House to Home
with exception of NZ House and Garden

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