The Wisdom of Oscar Wilde

I am hoping that someone, somewhere, knows this feeling too!
Does it ever happen to you?

Best wishes for a relaxing weekend!

Jeanne xxx


  1. Ocar wilde had it right! However, I maintain that I am my own best listener. And the day I stop talking to myself is the day there will be nobody upstairs.
    Having kids finally home and safe...I can empathize. Makes summer sweeter.
    best, nadia

  2. What's the old saying? I only talk to myself because it's my best chance of getting an intelligent answer! Have a great weekend! (Oh, and I think you have my address, right?)

  3. Yes, there are days like that. But I do love having time to myself to just think and dream. Lots of good ideas are born that way!

  4. Yes, don't I know it!
    I love Oscar Wilde. He's so funny. It's so wonderful to have a laugh! Thank you.

    Happy week-end to you too.
    Grethe ´)

  5. I talk to myself constantly.
    Or is it Edward I'm talking to?

  6. Jeanne, it seems there are many of us, like you. Perhaps Oscar Wilde wrote this on the same day "I always like to know everything about my new friends and nothing about the old ones"
    Wishing you a great weekend
    Helen xx

  7. Hi there, I just read your book recommendation on Vicky (French Essentials) blog... sounds great, especially since I am an Italy lover and have not had the chance to go during the last few years
    bon weekend !

  8. Hmm, Oscar was brilliant but his wife! I heard a dramatisation of a book about her "Constance" on Radio 4 this week and it really made me think.....sorry digressing. Hello! Yes! Country Living tent was fab!

    Sarah x

  9. Ha ha, love that Oscar Wilde! Thanks for the smile (and, yes, me too) and have a great rest of the weekend, Jeanne!

  10. This is so true!!!!

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend too!!

  11. I laughed out loud, I can relate to this. Have a great day.

  12. Oh I love this!! The quote the art and yes, I do believe this happens to me - probably more often than I'm prepared to admit!! Hope you had a lovely weekend...the 10K will have been all you needed!


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