'Roadtrip' USA!

Packing my bags ... 

Daughter #2, Miss Claire and I, are meeting in New York tomorrow for a two week "Roadtrip' around the East Coast of the USA. We are checking out colleges for next year. Son #2, Sir Connor, is coming along to spend time with his grandmother. Son # 1, Patrick, is heading back to Australia tonight and Daughter #2, Miss Christine will be resting at home in England with Mr. H.

At least I think that is what is happening. My quandary, aside from the whereabouts of my children, is what to take photos of while we are driving the highways and byways of the East Coast. Miss Claire is a keen photographer as well. We will be driving through Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut...plenty of territory to cover.

If only we had the convertible...

or room to spare for a few chairs, an umbrella, rugs and a picnic basket.
I am sure I will be thinking of that as we pull off the highway in search of food.
 Somehow, it just won't be the same.

I imagine we will come across plenty of road signs.
We will be looking for the curious and interesting ones.

In between drives, we will be scanning college brochures and prepping
for interviews. Ten colleges to visit...makes my head spin just thinking about it.

The rest is an open book and I am looking for suggestions!
If you were taking this trip, what would you be looking to
take photos of? I will be checking in and attempting to post from the 'road'.

If you have any advice for this mother who is about to embark on the
college application process, I would love to hear from you!
Best wishes for a relaxing weekend! :)

Jeanne xxx

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  1. Oh you will have a wonderful time! I only wish you had more time so that we could meet up! Enjoy and can't wait to see your fabulous posts. Perhaps if Miss Claire chooses a nearby college we can meet up when Mum comes to visit?

  2. Jeanne I wish I were full of marvelous advice for you and Claire. All my kids have gone to University on the West Coast and the East Coast I have still to discover. 10 Univ. is a big task but so very..very exciting. I'm thrilled for you both, I can't think of a more special time for a mother & daughter. Safe travels to you all. Sounds like a great plan for the entire family.

    Looking forward to hearing your news along your travels. xo Deb

  3. This will be such a wonderful adventure! I hope that you have safe travels and a wonderful trip. 10 colleges in two weeks, eek! Will you have any down time to relax? Will you get to spend a moment or two with your relatives?

    I have to think for a moment and will get back to you about places to see.

    Have a safe journey!

  4. You are both going to have a wonderful time! I LOVE road trips! As I am in the Midwest, I don't know much about the East coast, although I have visited Boston a few times and they have some of the best schools in the area.

    Wishing you a great trip and a lot of luck in the college search!


  5. Wow, what a trip! Sounds very exciting, and busy. Good luck. I'm already looking forward to the blogging afterwards.

  6. Enjoy the time with your daughter. How exciting! Can't wait to see where you visit. Love, love,

  7. I didn't finish my statement before it posted. I was going to say, I love, love, love the east coast. Feel free not to post either. So sorry! But do have a terrific time. Bonnie

  8. Oh my GOSH, are you coming to Maine??????
    xxx Debra

  9. ahh, children's college admissions--very exciting time of life for kids!
    Loved your photos of the garden show and the big plant containers. I'm just battling to keep my garden watered and alive through the end of August!
    Bon Voyage!
    best, nadia

  10. How exciting and you have a very busy schedule. I have a fondness for Yale.
    If you get some free time and have not been to Nantucket, it is truly a beautiful island. Martha's Vineyard is also quite beautiful. There are excellent museums and galleries in each city should you like.
    If in NYC we had a delicious lunch/brunch at
    Don't know what your budget is for hotels however, in travelling around the USA we find La Quinta to be good value and also have nice white bedspreads and clean rooms,usually a breakfast is included.
    Roadside food is pretty dismal. If possible, get to a good deli/bakery and pick up makings for lunch and bring lots of fruit, as it is unavailable on highway stops.
    Bon voyage and good luck

  11. Wow thats sounds like great fun,It is one of the trips on my bucket list. Have you herd of The Beeman Boys they have a shop in Sharon Springs NY could be fun to check out.
    Have a great time!!!

  12. Jeanne, driving from NYC to upstate NY/MA area, you could go along 9G to Hyde Park where there's mansions along the Hudson River to tour and the Culinary Institute of AMerica (where you could eat - call ahead). The lovely town of Rhinebeck NY (lots of interesting shops), where Chelsea was married, is a neighboring town. Explore: http://www.hydeparkchamber.org/tourism.htm#guide. Just look up Hyde Park NY (Chamber of Commerce) and there's information and links. Continue up to HUDSON NY -- now a definite "dot on the map," with 60-something antique shops and eateries all along Warren Street (main street). Lots of New Yorkers on weekends. Before entering town, stop at majestic Olana - the former home of Frederick Church, Hudson River School painter. Moroccan influence and overlooks the Hudson River and beautiful Catskill mountains. The Hudson Valley is a wonderful place- you'll be inspired! Nancy

  13. What a trip!!!It Sounds so very exciting...Enjoy it!!!
    I'm already looking forward to the blogging afterwards.
    hugs from Dubai

  14. Jeanne, I don't think you will have any trouble figuring out what to photograph. New England in the summer is so beautiful and green. Many of the colleges have quads and they are usually lush with trees and plants. So many of them are just gorgeous! Also there is often a beautiful chapel on the grounds and usually many old stone and brick buildings. I envy you. I loved going on college trips with my daughters when they were looking for schools. Enjoy this milestone event. You will want to go back to school!

  15. Ah, the college lookers and the uncertainty of it all. You should add Maine to your trip and look at Colby in Waterville and, of course, journey on to Rockport. There's plenty to photo around here. (;

  16. Have a wonderful and enjoyable trip!!!


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