A Day by the Sea~ Dorothea Sharp

I simply sighed when I looked at this image.

'A day by the sea'
Painted by Dorothea Sharp

"A feeling of well-being and tranquility suffuses Dorothea Sharp's 'A day by the sea', 
set on a beach in the Languedoc region of Southern France. A gentle breeze 
lifts the tent flaps and the children's towels whilst the two adults rest in the 
welcome shade. The red and white stripes of the deck chair and the child's 
bathing suit, together with the straw hat laid nonchalantly aside, suggest that this 
warm sunny day is for rest and enjoyment "

The painting and copy above is featured in this weeks issue 

Can you feel the warmth of that breeze?
It just made my day. 
Hope yours is fab!
Jeanne xxx

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