Roadtrip: Blueberry Mornings in New Hampshire

If I had to list one of my favourite foods in life it would have to be blueberries. I will take them any way I can get them and these fast few days I have been lucky enough to find them in a field outside our front door. We are taking a much deserved break from our college search. We are staying with family outside of Hanover, New Hampshire, home to Dartmouth College (not on our list) and a stunning countryside.

We have been coming here to Hanover for over 20 years. Two brothers, one living in New Hampshire,  upon 100 acres of glorious country and the other, travelling the globe with a blog crazy wife and kids. It is so much fun when the two meet along the way. Luckily for me, my sister-in-law is a dear friend and a delight to be with. Walking, shopping, talking, sharing a glass of wine as we watch the sun set over the mountains with lots of laughter mixed in. When I leave here I feel that life does not get any better than this.

Our college search has been fascinating. Six colleges to date, five more to go. We have learned so much...I have learned so much. My daughter, Miss Claire, has wonderful choices, assuming she can get in to them. Two or three have risen to the top of her list. I am hoping by the end she has more. There is so much to say about this topic. I have taken extensive notes which I hope to share someday when life slows down. That will be coming soon.

In the meantime, I am going to appreciate what is now sitting outside my window and enjoy. We leave for Massachusetts this morning to visit more family. My Mother opened a new art gallery this year. I can't wait to see it and will be sure to bring you news from Rocky Neck....Massachusetts.

I think the following photos will give you the feeling of the moment. I am off to enjoy my morning usual, muesli and blueberries with a cup or two of strong coffee by the side. :)
Wishing you the very best...

Jeanne xxx

Leaving you with music by Train, the song is called Soul Sister. We
listened to it while the sun set last night. Hope you enjoy it!

Photos taken by me and Miss Claire
Music via You Tube

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