Thru my Looking Glass @ Hampton Court Palace

Great news!
My daughter, Miss Christine flew in this morning
and is now safely tucked away in the comfort of home.
Happy Mom. :)

Blogging seems to be getting more and more challenging these days.
I am sure you can appreciate the feeling.

I felt like the White Rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland story book last week.
I did a mad dash thru the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, something one should never do.
Taking photos and checking my clock as I went is what I saw thru my Looking Glass.

A wonderful painting ensconced in a flower garden.

A magical mystery tour filled with enchantment....

Thru my looking glass, a secret spot...

 and a crowd enjoying a garden party.

I spotted the Queen of Hearts, 

with a beautiful face...

and a working garden,
viewed thru a raindrop on my lens.

A whimsical sunken garden with a chess covered vertical wall,

a thoughtful garden window,

an inspiring zen garden...

 and a sign pointing the way home...

to Alice's tea party. ;)

 Where life got curiouser and curiouser,
more tea please!

Images via me.
Details on the images above can be found at


  1. Wonderful news Jeanne. I'm so pleased that Miss Christine is home with you. I wish her a speedy recovery. It must have been so traumatic for both of you! Love Molly xx

  2. Dear Jeanne,
    Most importantly, it's lovely to hear that your daughter is safely home and in the loving arms of her family. There is no better place when you are poorly,is there ? She will be back to her old self before you know it now that she is with you.
    Wonderful images of Hampton Court flower show.....I want that turquoise, distressed cupboard !!
    Sorry if I have missed some of your posts..... have just got back from staying with my sister for a couple of weeks and am just getting round to everyone. XXXX

  3. I'm so glad to hear Miss Christine is home and happy and you must be, too!

    Love your pictures of the flower show, so colorful!


  4. How wonderful to hear Christine is home save with her family. I am sure it will be healing for her to be home.

    I love all of your images from the flower show. Although I am not on Facebook I have now taken my camera along on my walks for your walk and click idea.

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. These are wonderful photos! I enjoyed going through each one. That would be so much fun to attend.

  6. Happy happy mom . . . enjoy every moment.


  7. I echo your readers comments and welcome your daughter's return.

    A delightful post with so many interesting pictures.

    Thanks for entertaining us when we know you are very busy


  8. Enjoy this time with your family! I am sure you are thrilled to have your darlings home. And I love the photos of the show - such interesting finds, corners and scenes.

  9. It has been some time since I last visited and i am liking what i see here. the pleasing colours of the page and the bright colours of this post have washed and subsumed me in mellowness. Glad to hear that your daughter is home! Happy for you. So what will you be cooking in the coming days, dear Jeanne?

    A hug and kiss across ether.

    joy always,

  10. I am so happy she is home Jeanne.....xv

  11. So glad she's home. Hope she is well.

  12. Jeanne ~

    How happy I am that your lovely Miss Christine is safely home with you! That is wonderful news, indeed.

    Great photos.

    Gentle hugs!

  13. Lovely images through your looking glass. Did you say rain? That sounds like magic to my ears. Everything is so parched here right now.


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