Roadtrip: By the Seashore

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea...

It was brief, but it was wonderful to stop in to our favourite spots and visit family. As always, the trip is never long enough and we leave wishing we could stay longer. We are back on the road again. I am sitting in a hotel lobby, taking advantage of free wireless while getting in these few words and photos. The photos were taken along Bearskin Neck and Rocky Neck, two artist colonies in Massachusetts, USA.

shades of blue...

love hearts...

be still my....

pedalling along...


mom's place....

by the sea...

 We are now eight colleges down, with three more to go. Dickinson, Colgate, Hamilton, Williams, Middlebury, Union, Skidmore, Wheaton are a few of the schools behind us. I can tell you now that if I could, I would be applying along with Claire. I have driven these many miles thinking of all the possibilities. The wheels are turning.....

I have to say, I miss blogging. There does not seem to be enough time in the day. Internet time has been tight and has not allowed me to get around and say hello. I look forward to catching up on my return next week. In the meantime, three more days to go and then home to Miss Christine and Mr. H. We miss them!

Wishing you all many many thanks for your lovely comments thru our travels, I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

Jeanne xxx


  1. Dear Jeanne,
    Your mum lives in such a beautiful place. She must enjoy her life, living amongst all of the artists.
    You, however, must be knackered !! So many colleges to visit and mull over although good fun, I'm sure and quality time with your daughter and wonderful to visit all of your family members.
    I wish Claire all the best in choosing ...... I am sure that she will do brilliantly, wherever she ends up.
    Safe journey home. XXXX

  2. Those are inspired college choices, each with a lot of positives. My sister went to Middlebury for grad school and adored her time there - it's beautiful. Good luck as you finish your journey and start the selection process. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. i adore this.
    it reminds me of maine and my own
    dear ol' mummy.


  4. Love seeing your Mother's work in progress and finished. I am having major cottage envy looking at the pink windows and shutters. I understand the desire to continue ones education. I could be a professional student. The problem being I can't ever focus on one subject. Continue to be safe and above all have fun.

  5. If you enrol Jeanne....I would love to come with you! xv

  6. Hi Jeanne.....what a grand time you are having. It all look luscious!!!!



  7. I too could be a student for the rest of my life! Your mum's place looks so adorable. Roll on:-)

  8. There is such a lot of colour in all your images have that painterly eye for detail. I suppose that your mother has had an influence on you!
    take care,

  9. Beautiful scenery, Jeanne! I love the East coast and would love to visit again soon!


  10. Loved seeing your mom and her place! One day I will get up there and say "hello"! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Safe travels ...

  11. It is never easy to leave the sea . . . and even harder to leave family.

    Hope you have a smooth transition back to England.


  12. I was so excited to see your mothers sop and beautiful work! Does she have a website?

    I am worn out just reading about all of your college visits. I too have been pondering further education lately if only to keep th mind fertile. I always loved school.

    Safe travels, I miss your beautiful blog posts, and await you return with more photos and tales from the road.

    Enjoy and be safe, elizabeth

  13. What lovely places. I need to see them for myself.

  14. Beautiful location for your Mom and her art gallery!!
    Keep on pedalin'

  15. How lovely! I remember making these trips with my daughters. So much fun. New England is still my favorite place to visit. Especially Maine and the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Good luck to your daughter on choosing a college. My daughter went to Bates in Maine and had a wonderful experience!

  16. Oh my, I am so envious of you taking these wonderful shots. Love, love the the first one. And the little house with the pink shutters, be still my beating heart all right. It is stunning.

    Enjoy the rest of our road trip.

  17. Your camera has found much to make your trip even more interesting. You know, when I went to college I didn't even think about the where, I just went. Now the possibilities seem so exciting. Wonder where I would go if it were all to do over again. Miss Claire can't go wrong!

  18. Jeanne - your mother's watercolours are so full of energy and sunlight. I could quite easily be talked into returning to college, even auditing the course would appeal.

    Enjoy your stay.

  19. What gorgeous photos! And, all good colleges you selected. I went to school upstate and found it a bit boring. Beautiful area but wish I went to a bigger college.


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