Playing Sherlock in the Loire Valley

I wrote about My French World, here, and discussed my struggles with the French language. I seem to have developed a language phobia which I am determined to correct.

"I think of my blogging friends, Sharon @ My French Country Home, Vicki @ French Essence and Ange @ Signed by Ange. They all inspire me. I admire them for their ability to live in two worlds, their English world and their French world. Being able to live within the language of another culture opens a door that you would never see as a tourist."

In the meantime, I am finding it very easy to slip into our French world. We are staying in the far corners of the Loire Valley. Last year, my dear Mr. H mentioned that he would like to go to France for a two week summer holiday. His mission was to be as far away from the crowds as possible. As usual, my thoughts were far far away (probably blogging) and I replied with a 'yes, dear' all the while thinking that I had a feeling a beach holiday was going to be out of the picture.

A few weeks later he told me he found the perfect spot...a chateau in the Loire Valley with 10 bedrooms and the ability to sleep 14. thoughts were elsewhere, "great idea" was my reply and off he went. I recall wondering who would sleep in the 10 bedrooms but left it for another day.

Jump ahead a few months later and here we are...five of us (soon to be six) in a 10 bedroom house with more tables, chairs and beds than I could possibly count. I am not complaining, it is lovely and quiet. We are within easy distance of all the sights, yet, we are far enough removed that we feel like we are in a world of our own. It works.

We spent Sunday unpacking and enjoying the amenities of the chateau. Today we managed a trip into the local village and an outing to Chateau du Moulin, an easy distance from where we are staying. We will be picking up the pace over the next few days but have agreed that we will leave plenty of time to make the most of our two weeks of French life.

I have to admit that it has been tough pulling me away from this chateau. Every nook and cranny is filled...I have the urge to dress up like Sherlock Holmes and explore. I think Mr. H is worried. :))

Oh yes, we did this too!
A trip to the local village in Romarntin-Lanthenay

and to Chateau du Moulin in Lassay sur Croisne.

and one more from the chateau...
Did I mention the donkeys?
I call them Thelma and Louise. :)


My French travels....


  1. oh that looks like a magnificent place to be. i wouldn't want to leave after the 2 weeks. they even supplied some black and white feathers. enjoy.

  2. ... just charming ... it WOULD be difficult to divide my time. Pretend to be "Princess of the Chateau" .... or explore the village life ... enjoy!

  3. all looks so lovely....including the donkeys.

  4. Oh, this is fascinating...what eyes you have...the more for me to see...:) Keep it coming!
    Hugs across the pond,

  5. Hello Jeanne

    I knew that the chateau contained treasures and had mystery. Oh what excuse can you give them to go exploring while you remain at home, as all good chatelaines do?

    Beautiful, beautiful,
    Helen xx

  6. Omg! That chateau is to die for! I do not think I would leave it either. What beautiful treasures and images. I cannot wait to see more.

    I love the Loire Valley and have spent a lot of time there exploring the little villages, chatueaux and of course the markets. There is so much to see and do! When I have visited in the past I love to imagine what it must have been like to live there, of course my imaginations much more romantic than the reality.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family. This sounds like a really special trip for you all to be together.

    Can I also say that I have the language phobia. Although I took French all through high school and college and have spent so many summers there in the last 20 years I have lost count, I do not speak French unless I am forced to. My friends of the last 25 years I believe have heard me speak maybe a handful of times. I do not know what my problem is! Crazy...I cannot wait to see what people suggest because I will have to try their suggestions too!


  7. Oh, Jeanne! I just can't keep up the pace with all your summer travels ☺. You must be such an efficient packer and organiser! Enjoy your glorious sojourn, you lucky duck.

    And let me know how much I owe you for sending me the alarm clock! I hope you read my last post about it. J x

  8. Melissa Allison-LeeTuesday, August 16, 2011

    This looks like my dream vacation. I would love to know how you found the chateau. Thanks for inspiring me!

  9. What a gorgeous place! C'est si si bon et jolie! (read my e-mail - you will see!) And I just realized - that company that sponsored the villa vacation giveaway you mentioned last year never posted the winner. My entry was very clever too!

  10. Hi Jeanne, wow! The chateau is so gorgeous! After seeing your photos of the Loire Valley, I am putting that on my wish list for future travel. And about the French language, I adore it, and am taking a weekly class right now to get me ready for my trip to Paris next month. But it is tres difficile. I am hoping to feel somewhat comfortable language-wise for the trip. I know how it helps.

  11. Looks like you have a spare bedroom for V and Me. Booking flights as we speak LOL! Bon Chance!

  12. Dear Jeanne,
    Your dear Mr. H. found you a wonderful place to stay. Can he arrange our next holiday ?!!
    I think that it's idyllic. France is such a lovely country. We have been many times.
    Have a fantastic time, lots of R&R and good food and drink.
    Happy holidays. XXXX

  13. I hope you have a fabulous time, Jeanne, because it looks magnifient!!I know a couple of French words...I'm sure Merci (don't even know how to spell beau coup??) will get get you far!!!

  14. One of the things I love about you, Jeanne, is that you enjoy life and live it well, wherever you are!



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