Paris Love Locks

Along the Pont des Arts, there are are nearly 2000 padlocks with
inscriptions of love. The bridge links the Left bank to the Louvre museum.
Lovers often throw the keys in to the Seine as a sign of undying love.

They are considered an eye sore these days and there are many who
would like to remove them. Not me... I saw this lock and turned the corner
to see this couple riding off into the distance.
until the day the galaxy will explode....
to Charles and wishes,
For ♥ Ever


  1. We went there in July - I agree very romantic!

  2. True love! I think there are so many wonderful aspects of Paris, some that people consider an eyesore and some that are known the world over. I agree with you, I love them! There is nothing wrong with a declation of love!

    I hope that you are having an wonderful time with your daughters! Make sure to have the macaroons from Laudree, the punitons from Polaine and an eclair from Piere Herme, washed down with a chocolat chaud from La Maison de Chocolat or somewhere just as wonderful!

    Take care, so looking forward to seeing all of your fabulous photos and hearing more of your adventures.


  3. looking forward to hearing about your weekend in Paris with the girls - welcome home!

  4. Dear Jeanne,
    Charles and Cecile obviously have something very special going on I think !!
    Do you think that the love of locks comes from Louis XV1, as he loved locks so much ? XXXX

  5. Awe-inspiring photo capture, that lock!

  6. How absolutely charming! You share the neatest things with us!

  7. Very many thanks ladies :)...

    Mr. H and I celebrate a 25 year anniversary in October...these photos were inspiring :)

  8. What a lovely way to celebrate true love. Happy anniversary to you.

  9. Hopefully the Parisians will come to their senses and keep those romantic locks in place!


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