Loire Valley Moments

 A few Loire Valley moments at the end of the day....

a roll in the grass with Cartouche and Paulette
a stroll thru the fields

a dip in the pool

admiring Queen Anne's Lace

picking blackberries

walking past the farm
feeding the geese....




  1. So much to do.....so much fun!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing trip. Is queen Anne's lace the same as 'Cowslip' or 'Cow parsley'? Great photos. David.

  3. Wonderful images of your French getaway Jeanne. They really sum up the mood and atmosphere of the area.
    Continued Happy Holidays ! XXXX

  4. Dear Jeanne,
    beautiful photos - have enjoyed your trip so much! Looking forward to taking some photos of my own soon - took the plunge and ordered the camera you recommended so will be in touch soon for some hints and tips!! Susie x

  5. Jeanne, I have really enjoyed following your trip to the Loire valley. And it looks like it was an amazing trip for your entire family. I can see from your photos that there is so much beauty there and I'm sure you will enjoy revisiting it after you get home through all these wonderful images. Definitely one of the benefits to having a blog! Enjoy!
    Sunday xx

  6. How magnificent! Wish I could go! Of course, I would need to book extra time so I could photograph it all!

  7. Looks like you have a wonderful holiday Jeanne.....didn't know you still had a son at home....lucky you!



  8. What great photos and a great way to spend or end a day!!

  9. A lovely place to spend time together. What has been your favourite part so far?

  10. Green grass - sigh - it looks so lovely. It's all parched and brown here. Everything and everyone is just longing for some rain.

  11. What delightful images Jeanne.
    Are you ready to return home?
    Or are you like me, ready to move to the next country?



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