Sunrise in the Loire Valley and Karen Blixen

Sunrise over the farmer's place...

I woke up early to catch the sunrise this morning. In the end, I decided it was easier said than done. In my pink silk pajamas and a well worn cashmere sweater, I set off in my black walking shoes to catch the sun.
I was ready to hop on a bike and ride past the farmers place and it appears they heard me coming first. The rooster, the horse, the hens, the dogs...the donkeys and even the cooing pigeons. I wondered how my family and the farmers family would feel if I proceeded on my journey....especially in my pink and blue bedroom ensemble. I retreated with the pigeons (it appears we have a village worth of pigeons living amongst the roofing of the chateau.)

I sat at my little table by the window and came across this post from the very lovely Carina. She posted on Karen Blixen ( author of Out of Africa), her home and her art of flower arranging. It was thrilled as it all started with a flower arrangement I posted a few months back.

You can read Carina's post here.

Of course, my next question is....have you met Carina @ We are all in the Gutter?  We have been chatting back and forth from my early blogging days...she has become a wonderful blogging friend. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a big fan of Oscar Wilde and writes the most curious and interesting posts. She is a keen reader and traveller with lots to share and think about.

I hope you stop by and say hello!

As for my sunrise....I nearly got it.

More beautiful colours from France.
In retreat with the pigeons...back to the chateau.
A new day has dawned.

I think it is Friday....we are on chateau watch again today. I am still deciding which one.  I am very excited about dinner tonight. We have had a local chef, Murielle, prepare all our dinners while we are staying here. She and her husband are chef's by trade. The food had been true to the local area, fresh and fabulous. My only regret is that she does not speak English and I do not speak French. We try....
Mr. H needs to communicate for us as he speaks fluent French. Murielle has offered to take me into the woods to pick mushrooms. I don't know that Mr. H is as excited as I am about that prospect.

Tonight Murielle is cooking a big feast. Her family joins us for dinner along with the local farmer and his wife. Murielle's husband and son speak English (phew). I hear he is an expert on wines in the region....I know where I am sitting tonight. :)

Mrs H. Sr. arrives tomorrow for a week. We have a room all set for her on the right wing of the house. We have migrated to the left wing. I am really liking this concept of wings in a house. 

A reader asked how we came across this chateau. Good question. Hang on a few more days and I will let you know. I want to make sure all goes off without a hitch before I recommend the firm we used. So far so good.....

Happy Weekend to one and all...( I would say that in French but it is too early in the morning and I have not had my first cup of coffee yet) 

Jeanne xxx


  1. Argghhh - I too am a devoted fan of Oscar Wilde and Karen Blixen so I shall rush over and befriend Carine. Pray tell where is that beautiful sunrise. If you pop down to TOulouse, I can take you mushroom hunting too. I have the added bonus of understanding a word of English here and there which may help. LOL!!

  2. Hi Ange, sunrise la Sologne...nesr Romorantin. :)

  3. Dear Jeanne...I am so enjoying joining you on your travels through the Loire! Loving all of it...look forward to hearing all about how you managed to find such a lovely place & where it is....enjoy the rest of your time in France, love Susie

  4. This post left me feeling with warmth, delight and cheer. The whole episode seems out of a dream and Jeanne, you know how to create that lovely and mellow feeling.

    You must be enjoying your time there. I wish you more joy and happiness.

    SMiles and love,

    P. S: I shall go to the gutter now :)

  5. Oh Jeanne, you are so incredibly sweet! Thank you for this sweet post - I'm touched. Also thank you for the comment on the post - I have mailed you:-)

  6. What a beautiful post, Jeanne!In my inner eye I see all this fine french food you`ve tried last evening....fresh & local....mmmh!
    I guess the new Woody Allen movie *midnight in paris* makes us all sigh for french living.
    It is a special country with a lot of good taste in varies parts.
    I know to speak the language is a very important thing in france but it`s also funny to make strange signs in the air hoping the other one will understand.... :))

    Your very nice postcard (think it will get a frame...)arrived safely my home!Thank you very much, Jeanne! :)
    Enjoy the time tasting french wine.... Beate XXX

  7. I hope you do go mushroom picking. That is a dream of mine! If you do, take pics so we can experience this with you. I have this wonderful image of your silk pj's and cashmere sweater flying on that bike!!

  8. Hi Jeanne, What a lovely post! Your holiday sounds wonderful! The chateau is gorgeous. I look forward to the details...Thanks so much for the introduction to Carina. I've already added her to my blog list.

  9. So great to hear from feels like you are all here! I have been thinking how much fun it would be to do a road trip with a few friends and a van or two. A Brocante road trip around France...just people with a passion for this and that. I have just the person in mind to lead it too...... Sharon @ My French Country Home

    What do you think????

    PS...Sarah..yes, I was a site to behold...tomorrow morning I am going to pull out the wellies...I now understand why they have 20 pairs sitting in the mudroom. :) Must protect the PJ's. :)

  10. I cannot hear the name Karen Blixen without the echo of Meryl Streep's beautifully accented opening lines from Out of Africa reverberating in my head. And then I smell dust and heat and the sound of insects humming and see the dull sheen of wooden floors and feel the smoothness of white linen. Ohhhhh, all those feelings and emotions from just one name! I must visit Africa one day.

  11. You had me at silk pajamas and a cashmere sweater!
    What a lovely image...and a great new day dawning.

  12. On changing your mind on about roaming in pink silk pyjamas and a sweater.
    Put some spice into life live daringly and all that will be said is 'She is a charming eccentric' am sure you can live with that cherie ?

  13. I Love these photos and this gorgeous home. Lucky you! enjoy your stay!

  14. I loved everything about this post, Jeanne - you captured sooooo much, all vicariously enjoyed - save for the mushroom picking - a bit nervous I'd pick the wrong kind.

    When we lived in Nairobi, we lived a brief drive from Karen Blixen's house and belonged to the Muthega Club (the scene where she walked into the bar - we gals were allowed to on New Year's Eve - after all the excitement, it was a teeny tiny nothing of a bar made bigger by the camera's lens - but Karen Blixen did indeed have a magnificent farm in Africa *sighs*)

  15. It all sounds wonderful from your current corner of the world! Loving the idea of having chefs prepare every meal....bliss:) I'd forgotten all about Karen Blixen - would love a chance to revisit that movie and her story. Off now to check out Carina's blog. Big hugs, Meredy xo


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