A Nocturnal Encounter

We were five and now we are six. I cut these beautiful roses for Mrs. H Sr's arrival to the chateau (here) yesterday. The fragrance is intoxicating and I am feeling a bit delirious...but not from the roses.

We had what I call a 'scorcher' yesterday and today...temperatures into high 30C/90F. I opened all the windows in the chateau last night to catch a breeze. Around 4:00am, a storm came through with intense lightening and rain. I awoke and lay in bed thinking of all the windows that were wide open throughout the chateau (no screens) and made a frantic move around the house to close them all. No small feat. I am sure I looked and sounded like a crazed woman, running around in the dark, bumping into strange objects and cursing myself for not closing them earlier in the evening.

Surprise, surprise, I slipped into one empty bedroom at the far end of the chateau, turned on the lights and was greeted by a gathering of bats, flying in a circle around the chandelier. It felt like a scene out of a Daphne du Maurier novel. I half expected Mrs. Danvers to pop out of the corner of the room. 

I did what any smart woman would do, I turned off the lights, closed the door, made a mad dash back to bed and decided to think about it in the morning.

Tick, tock went the clock as I lay in bed thinking of how I was going to explain bedroom bats to the owner of the chateau. I needed a plan to catch them and felt the pool leaf scooper was my best bet. Scoop and toss was my one and only strategy.  Luckily, when I peeked in after breakfast they had departed.

Note to self....close all windows in chateau this evening and dream of the sweet sounds of nightingale birds. No bats allowed. :)  Bonne Nuit to one and all!

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  1. So sorry, but I am giggling over your bat adventure. I think a closed door is always the best solution. Have a restful evening! Bonnie

  2. Oh my goodness, I am holding my sides laughing. I cannot imagine running around in a chateau in the middle of the night and encountering a room full of bats.

    Thankfully you did the smart thing and shut the door and decided to handle it in the light of day.

    I hope that the six of you are having a spectacular time! Enjoy!

  3. Hi Jeanne

    So glad the bats had flown by morning.
    It must have been quite frightening.You did the right thing and the bats left. I would bet the bats are living in the attic of the chateau (they did at our farmhouse)- I got used to them as they kept the mosquitos in check
    Enjoy your week
    Helen xx

  4. How scary! I would have screamed! And then done the exact same thing as you did. Close the door. However, I'm not sure I would have dared to reenter:-D

  5. I'm not sure I'd have coped at all well if I'd come across bats like that Jeanne. I think your solution was definitely the best - close the door and run! Quite surreal indeed. The roses are just beautiful.

  6. Oh my! Bats...helpful creatures though they are, they're too ugly for hanging out in a lovely chateau bedroom...funny story!

    Checking in on the earlier chateau posts that I missed while being out of the loop...

  7. So you have bats in your belfry ma chère. I'm sure the Chateau owner has seen that more than once. Bats are everywhere in France:) Going a bit batty myself - they chatter away outside my bedroom window at night and pass by from time to time as we dine. Thanks for the giggle Jeanne :)

  8. Whew! I had a feeling the bats would be gone in the morning. What an adventure. I am sure you will be telling this one for a long time! - Lana www.lifeatwildberrycottage.com

  9. Ah Jeanne, when I saw the title to your post I thought you had a met the ghost of the château! I hate bats in the house, one of the hazards of summer nights!


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