Detective Work-London

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The pitter patter of raindrops can be heard on rooftops 
and sidewalks around London.

I ventured in today, walking across the Vauxhall Bridge.
With rain, wind and an inverted umbrella in one hand
and my trusty iPhone in the other, I leaned over the railing...
phone extended as far as I catch this lovely lady.

She is one of four bronze figures created by English sculptor, 
Alfred Drury in 1907.
The sculptures are situated above the piers on the bridge.  
Each one represents a discipline of study..
Science, Fine Arts, Education and Local Government.
The sculpture above represents Science. 

In the photo, I managed to detect... 
One newly budded branch reaching out to embrace a woman of science.
Two lion's heads with steel rings to warn of impending floods. 
One junction, where the River Effra meets the River Thames.
One woman with an umbrella walking along the forecourt 
of the headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service ('M16' building).

A bit of scientific work on my part but I think I found it all.
Did I miss anything?


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