Roses, Vintage Finds and Friendship

Reporting from a house which is slowly getting organised.
I admit, things might go a wee bit faster if I did not take time to smell the roses.
But..that's no fun!

I thought I would be inventive.
I have been taking pics of our belongings for our shipping records.
Well...kind of.

ok..maybe by this point I got a tad carried away...

but they behaved so well....

just a few more...

Mr. H left on he climbed into the car on the
way to the airport he said something about me not
getting distracted and keeping my eye on the packing.
At least I think that is what he said...

Before I get back to work...
I am sending my deepest and sincerest thanks
to one lovely lady who is the reason I have
all of the items shown above. We spent a day together and
I took her to a few of my favourite spots, Loseley Park 
and Bridge Road Antiques. Her excitement was contagious, 
we think alike and the result was a few treasures.
I will miss our excursions..they have been so memorable.
She helped me find my writing voice and introduced me 
to a wonderful side of Paris I had not seen before...
here and here. She is a remarkable woman...

Thank You Vicki.. :)

flowers from my garden

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