Roses, Vintage Finds and Friendship

Reporting from a house which is slowly getting organised.
I admit, things might go a wee bit faster if I did not take time to smell the roses.
But..that's no fun!

I thought I would be inventive.
I have been taking pics of our belongings for our shipping records.
Well...kind of.

ok..maybe by this point I got a tad carried away...

but they behaved so well....

just a few more...

Mr. H left on he climbed into the car on the
way to the airport he said something about me not
getting distracted and keeping my eye on the packing.
At least I think that is what he said...

Before I get back to work...
I am sending my deepest and sincerest thanks
to one lovely lady who is the reason I have
all of the items shown above. We spent a day together and
I took her to a few of my favourite spots, Loseley Park 
and Bridge Road Antiques. Her excitement was contagious, 
we think alike and the result was a few treasures.
I will miss our excursions..they have been so memorable.
She helped me find my writing voice and introduced me 
to a wonderful side of Paris I had not seen before...
here and here. She is a remarkable woman...

Thank You Vicki.. :)

flowers from my garden


  1. And, you belongings are so lovely. You are staying are only allowing us to aid you. It is all a matter of perspective. Bonnie

  2. Ha! I can identify...packing is so not fun...taking pics of beautiful that is fun!

  3. Lovely photos and remembrances of a wonderful outing with Vicki. You will look back fondly each time you put flowers in the vases. Best wishes on your packing. Just remember, you will have that amazing dressing table, a prize if you will, once you get settled in Viet Nam.


  4. so many lovely treasures, jeanne, and thanks for styling them up for the camera!!! such a visual lift for my day :)

    thank you for your kind words regarding my broken wrist and recovery posts...i was so happy to see your name pop up in the comments column.

    wishing you a smooth transition...however do you do all this so gracefully?!
    thanks for taking us all along for the ride...
    looking forward to the next steps...dying to see your new asian interior

  5. What beautiful finds! I can't blame you for wanting to stop and enjoy all that loveliness.

  6. What lovely photographs. You reminded me of my big move from the UK back to Ireland. I had to put everything in storage for about 6 months and I, like you, took photos of all my fav things just to keep me going whilst doing up my cottage. It was such a treat when all the boxes arrived and I got to unpack everything. Just keep that in mind - it will be like endless presents :O) Take care x

  7. The pleasure was all mine Jeanne...
    Your glass ware looks so lovely and the hat boxes... what a fabulous find... Happy packing... xv

  8. I found myself so easily distracted during our packing up to move stateside. Things already packed away for years came out and photographs, treasures from childhood. Lovely collection of glassware, not surprised you wanted to take some photographs.

  9. How lovely! We rarely take the time to stop and smell the roses but had to when we found your post... your posies are so pretty. Vicki inspires us all!
    The Buzz Blog - Diane James Home

  10. I couldn't imagine taking photos in the midst of so much commotion. Your images exude an aura of tranquillity which I hope you are also feeling in your heart.

  11. I love your photos, but would laugh if you ever had to show them to your insurance agent - ahem, yes just some photos do document my vases ... that I styled a bit for viewing pleasure.

  12. Your items are beautiful! I'm glad you decided to take the time to stop and smell the roses and share them with us : )

  13. What a beautiful collection of glassware - I love the different shapes and sizes - lovely photos!

  14. Are the flowers going to Vietnam, too? (:

  15. Jeanne, you are packing and moving the way you should be! Slowly, methodically and enjoying your treasures along the way.

    I love all of your finds, they are beautiful, as are your memories. How fun to have had so many great adventures and a friendship with Vicki, she seems like a lovely person from here blog.

    Keep up the good work!


  16. Jeanne, Those vignettes are beautiful! Isn't it just more fun to create instead of getting packed and organized? And you'll be glad in the future that you have the pics. Your new dressing table did not go unnoticed. Have a good weekend, and keep working!

  17. What beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing them :-) Maybe you can photograph them with exotic Vietnamese flowers when you arrive?

  18. Such pretty finds! Glad you are finding some beauty amidst all the packing!

  19. Thank you Jeanne for making my catch up visit so enjoyable! Well behaved glass often leads one astray and you shot it beautifully for everyone to enjoy. xo


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