Small Packages, the Great Divide and a Giveaway

You know that expression...
the best things come in small packages?

I took this photo at our Jubilee Street Party yesterday.
This was one of the many wonderful English desserts displayed for guests.
As I assembled my three tier tray of melting moments and strawberries
I glanced upon this scene and thought it would be one of my favourite memories
of the Jubilee weekend. It was amazing..rain or shine..I loved it all.

I will think of The Queen and Prince Philip as we fly off to Vietnam next month.
This photo will serve as our royal good bye...(oops, getting teary, must change subject)

So....the party is over and now the work begins.
I have moved into 'conquer and divide' mode
as I determine what will be moving to Vietnam with us 
and what will be shipped to Australia waiting for our return.
Frustration is mounting..but I won't bore you with the details.

I would rather think of you...who so kindly stopped by to read this post.
For last giveaway from England.
Three occasions where I bought one for you and one for me.

Because...the the best things often come in small packages. :)

on my windowsill....

Tea and Cake: Recipes for the Perfect Afternoon
Illustrations by the very talented Emma Block

Her Ladyship's Guide to Running One's Home

Her Majesty the Solar Queen

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I will draw three winners on Friday, June 15
and hope that you like small packages too.

Until then......
I will be back with more on the Chelsea Flower Show.

Can't wait to tell you about this one!


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