My Own Bird...

January 1974
Photograph by Oliviero Toscani

I picked up this card in a shop the other day.
I liked the description on the back of the card.
It all seems so simple when you look at a wardrobe this way.

The Albini Bird
What you'll be wearing
if you're an Albini bird.
Shirts looser.
Sleeves shorter.
Hats all the time.
Sandals flat.
Skirts long.
Busy gloves and hats.
Small spots and narrow stripes 
through to checks and big squares.
A circle of black linen skirt, 
peep-toe sandals one-inch high,
black and white, straight from Milan.


My Own Bird
Shirts loose.
Sleeves rolled.
Dresses linen.
Cardigans cashmere.
Skirts long.
Scarves sheer.
Kaftans long.
Pants capri.
Jeans rolled.
Hats straw.
Sandals flat.
Jewelry simple.
Sunglasses tortoiseshell.

Tweet Tweet :)

Are you your own bird?
What are you wearing these days?

PS... I am bringing over a few of my
favourite posts from CJ..Style Notes,
please excuse, while I do a bit of blogkeeping. :)
original post: here
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  1. What a stylish group of ladies and a clever post! I shall also be wearing tortoiseshell sunglasses and capri pants....espadrilles wedges, Havaianas...well I shall when the sun comes out again!!

  2. I love anything cotton and linen.... Oh, I found the most wonderful "Toms" wedges several weeks ago. Love the card. Bonnie

    1. Cotton and linen...I am with you on that one Bonnie. 'Toms' are a favourite in our house. :)

  3. What a stylish group of ladies! Thanks for sharing.

  4. First let me say these ladies look fabulous! I love Aline dresses! My style is skirts and dresses Aline, ballet flats or flat Sandra
    S, Bermuda shorts, tunic shirts in linen or cotton, and sunglasses. I am not a fan of pants or jeans, when you have a JLo rear, I find it hard to dress.

    Anyway, summer is all about relaxing and enjoying time with family, and friends, or a day on the beach reading a great book!

    Have a great day Jeanne! I hope you having a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth.... does the pants look very well...I bet you would look great! I know the feeling thought..I love capri but I only wear them with oversized tops. :)

  5. White cotton pajamas, starched, spritzed with lavender and sporting my initials monogrammed in navy blue on the left pocket.
    Hair up.
    Feet bare.
    Toes newly painted the colour of watermelon.

    1. Ah Pamela... you always play the game so well. I just stocked up on white cotton pajamas, my first venture into summer white sleepwear. I am very intrigued by the monograms...must find out where. I am sporting pink need of a change, watermelon sounds perfect! :)

  6. Isn't it great to be our 'own' birds....xv

  7. Oh, I love this photo! Look at the beautiful black-and-white striped dress, and the Chanelesque one in the middle. Aren't they glamorous? You always post such lovely photographs.

    I'm afraid I'm very dull with my wardrobe staples. I wear lots of navy and white, a little black, and usually simple gold jewellery as accessories. (I have a few Chanel classics, which I bought when I was a poor writer in London to cheer me up. Ironically, now I can afford them, I don't allow myself to spend the money!) Navy and white will always take a girl anywhere from Cannes to Paris to Key West. I used to love jeans but don't wear them anymore as you get frowned up when you go to certain places in the world, so they're no good for travelling. (And my wardobe has to be travel friendly.) Navy jeans are better; you can hide them / dress them up with a white shirt and a blazer!

    Another inspirational and insightful post from you Jeanne!


    1. Janelle..I am with you on jeans...if any, dark navy work best for travels for me too. You can dress them up and dress them down. I like the idea of navy and white. Must remember that one! White shirts...I recall a post on white shirts... :)

  8. Sounds like today...always anxious to hear a bit of CJ style....xo cindy

    1. are the third person to say that this week. I miss it too! :)

  9. Bah, you are going to be disappointed in my response--but probably not surprised--because I simply thought, "Check" after each item on your list!

    Only two differences: kaftans (not a good idea when you already feel chubby) and for me it is "Bracelets stacked". :)

    A lovely, happy-making post, Jeanne! Merci!

    1. Thx Heather, I just picked up a stack of bracelets the other day. I love the look and am going to see if it works for me. :)

  10. Maxi Dresses
    White Cotton Ts
    Dark denim jeans
    Long flowing skirts
    Dark sunglasses
    Straw handbags
    Color toenails incased in strappy sandals
    Armful of bangles
    Glossy lips

    This Bird likes to dress for Summer!
    Great post, thanks for sharing... Love your blog- Always : )

    1. Mystery bird by the sounds of it Renay....I love it! I think we are all thinking along the same lines here, why am I not surprised. :)

  11. I absolutely adore linen - and that is why I love to shop in Italy for summer clothes. Linen never goes out of fashion there. I love hats too and bangles and turquoise jewellery and layered gypsy skirts. I prefer summer fashion over the more boring winter clothes :)

    1. Loree...I just bought up big time on linen... it just says summer to me. Bangles and turquoise jewellery sounds very intriguing..I feel another post coming on. :)

  12. the description of the card is LOVELY!
    those were the times of sophistication and chic!
    or maybe everything looks great in black & white...either way i love both the writing and the picture :)
    very nice way to start the day!
    thank you :)

  13. loved this post ... winter here so ....
    black cashmere leggings
    black just under knee flat healed boots
    black merino roll neck jumper
    coloured throw over top - various
    silver hoop earrings

    hee hee love le xox


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