Winning Bathing Beauties and a Peignoir


I have two requests for you.
The first is to join me in congratulating the three winners
of my English Givewaway.

Three ravishing beauties.
Three ravishing winners.

From the blue shores of Sydney, the blue book,
Her Ladyship's Guide to Running One's Home by Caroline Taggart....
 to Francesca @ Postcard Pictures

To the woman who could never say no to red tartan and plaid,
to one who loves her Scottish tea, the book 'Tea and Cake ' to
 Deb from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Yellow to me is about fun and warmth, two things The Queen seems to have
in spades. The Solar Queen will soon be winging her way to Melbourne, Australia
to the lovely Jane @ My Pear Tree House

Thank you all for responding to the last of my English giveaways.
There will be more...I have a few in mind once we settle into Vietnam.

My next request is to help me decide what to do about the bathing season.
I really, really, really do not like this season but with a tropical climate, I have
to face facts...or stay in an air conditioned house all day.


I am more of a 'cover-up' kind of girl.


Summer hats are easy... I have decided that one can never have to many.


Ruching in swimsuits is something that I am growing more and more fond of.


I think this one has potential...maybe in black? or red?
What do you think?

or perhaps from Anthropologie, something black.

But then again...I took one look at this cape 
and thought that it could be the solution to all my problems.


I think Esther Williams had the right idea in this cover up.


Hold that thought...I took one look at the image below,
'Peignoir in Soft Breeze' and thought...
it is white, it is light...and one could comfortably 
stand on a windy veranda looking out to sea in this outfit. 
It has sun worthy potential and would suit 
a reluctant bather like me perfectly.

"Peignoir in Soft Breeze"- 1936 Martin Munkacsi

Now.. I have to ask.
How do you hit the beach/pool?
All swimsuit or all cover-up?
Or are you like me...
waiting it out for sweater weather.

Yes..I know what some of you are thinking.
"But she is moving to Vietnam 
where it is hot, hot, hot."
To this I say...
Peignoirs work in air conditioning too don't they?
All I need is a really big fan....  :)

Happy thoughts...Happy Weekend 
to one and all!!
Jeanne xx

images as noted above


  1. Oh Jeanne, I have not enjoyed shopping for a swim suit for many years. I haven't put on a swim suit in so many years. I love the water...I love the beach...I do not love shopping for swim wear. There are just too many parts of me that are no longer located where they once were. Enough said!

  2. Despite the fact that I live near the beach, baring my body in a bikini is one of my least favorite things to do. I tend to wear lots more tees and shorts throughout the seasons and leave the bathing beauty thing to others.

    xo Mary Jo

    1. Hi Mary Jo... I am trying to think of the last time I wore a bikini...20-30 years ago... :)

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    Anything that covers up is fine in my book. I would only reveal my flabby swimsuit clad bod on an empty beach or in a private pool :-). The shame is, brown fat does look better than white fat but it's never going to get brown covered up is it!

    I do like the red swimsuit and rushing is flattering but so is black.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Private pool is the best for me too Dianne and on top of that, I am a 'dunker' and out in a flash. :)

  4. See what you think of this one....
    Although I hasten to confess that I only go out on the beach after sunset, and rarely, well never, in a swimsuit.

    1. Pamela...the site directed me to the UK Anthropologie...and I have to say I am smitten with the Maillot suis.. Cannes for fun, Dolly Gingham because it takes me back..the Natalie and Bardot are looking good too..I think I could manage any one of them under a large white shirt...sleeves rolled. :)

  5. Go for the Maillot! Love the idea of a large white shirt and a big hat to protect yourself from the sun. Don't forget the sunblock -- especially on the backs of your hands and the tops of your feet!

    I swim three times a week at an indoor pool, so its a Speedo for me -- along with a bathing cap. The next time I go, I shall think of you looking glamorous on the beach in Viet Nam.

  6. Hello Jeanne

    I like solid colours, black, navy and turquoise in a one piece. I have a wrap around skirt that goes through a loop at the side and ties. I can be found beneath an umbrella as I do not sit in the sun any more.

    I adore the peignor from 1935. Spectacular!!! True style never dates.

    Congratulations to the winners and thank you for your generosity

    Helen xx

  7. Congratulations Francesca, Deb and Jane! *** To YONKS' Comment: Neutrogena build-a-tan works great!! Foolproof, smooth, even coverage and dries quickly. (I put body cream on first to help the lotion go on evenly.)

  8. Oh!!! Thank you thank you ! Am very excited about my solar queen ! So generous of you ! Xo

    1. I giggled when I saw this, Jane - it was meant to be, given how much you'd gushed about it! J x

  9. A few years ago, I found some lovely, gauzy cover ups at Eddie Bauer. I took them on a trip to Barbados,lived in them and love them still.

    I fuss, I obsess, I cover up and when I look at others on the beach or at a pool, seemingly unaware and not self conscious (like me!)...I wonder why. Therapy would be expensive, Eddie Bauer was more in my price range.

    Never wanted to hang out at the beach all day. I prefer a cool,early evening when everyone has gone home and I can wear a sweater!

    1. Another sweater girl at heart...she is all Vermont! :)

  10. It sounds to me like all of the above could be in order for Vietnam Jeanne... Happy shopping... xv

  11. Dear Jeanne,
    Many congrats to the winners .....Deb and Jane, I know, and they will be thrilled with their gifts as will Francesca.
    You, I know, will look wonderful in a one piece ...... I have always thought that they look so much more chic than a two piece as soon as I passed my early 20's !!
    Sorry for my absence ..... my computer finally gave up on me and I am now getting my head around my new Macbook Pro !! XXXX

  12. Oh Jeanne Thank you SOOO Much - can't believe I've won Her Ladyship's Guide to Running One's Home by Caroline Taggart - how exciting. Can't wait! For me it's the Anthropologie "cozzies" with the boy legs - love them and love anything from Anthropologie - such gorgeousness under one roof is heaven for me. Have a lovely weekend - hope it's drier there than here. Francesca x

  13. Black is best! Thankfully I have reached an age where I no longer care as there is nothing I can do about the bad bits and I just love the water!!!!
    There are of course the mid thigh shorts and t's in swimsuit fabric that also look good and hide a lot!!!! xx

  14. Wonderful sampling of suitable suits! I haven't gotten a new one in years.. never go to the beach in daylight~~ who needs that much sun?! Gauzy flowy bits of fabric are much better for my 65 YO body~ Great pics.. thanks!

  15. If none of these work, I'll happily give you the one I recently bought at WalMart and will never wear! It was an emergency purchase on the way to Lake Austin Spa with my daughters. They insisted I needed a bathing suit and that was the only place we saw to shop. Some things are better left behind!

  16. Hi Jeanne... Why do I sense a little procrastinating going on!!! I love both Anthropology suits....I suffer the invasion of my privacy very seldom!! When it is hot...then it's just too bad... in I go and who cares if I dont! The white T is an excellent idea... happy shopping/packing! xoxo Jenny


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