My Dressing Table...deconstructed

'Woman reading at a Dressing Table
by Henri Matisse, 1919

I want to send a big heartfelt thanks to the many kind comments on my last post.
I really and truly and sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Speaking of heart...
I have had a fascinations with dressing tables...ever since I received
my first at the age of ten in 1967. My mother and father chose well
as the notion of having a dressing table has stayed with me ever since.

Christmas 1967 and my first dressing table.

I have to be dressing tables have not been very glamorous
over the years and  I wouldn't say I am the frilly, ruffly type.
I love looking at them but I have something else in mind.


I am fasincated by dressing tables.
They can say so much about a person. 


My dressing tables have come in all shapes and sizes over the years.
some built in..most free standing. Space has often been at a premium so I have 
made do with what I could. I have been looking for just the right table
but it has eluded me. I know what I want but finding it has been difficult.


I consider a few things when placing my dressing table. Good lighting is essential.
I look for natural light near or in front of a window...with a view. This is often
where I start my day. Make-up, hair styling, jewellery..the lighting has to be just right.


I  also like to find a spot that is dressing table sits in the master bedroom, 
a room where I know I can go if I need time to myself. The kids know that if
Mom is in there with the door closed, she needs 'time out'. I like my 'time outs'.


As many of you know, we are expats, travelling nomads of sorts
ready to embark on another adventure. I travelled to Vietnam in 
April to have a look at our next home. I breathed a sigh of a relief
as I passed through the master bedroom. For in it sits a window,
with good light and a view of a garden. :)

With that in mind....
Mr. H and I were doing a bit of antiquing yesterday. He wanted
to see my favourite haunts and I was only to happy to oblige.
When I spotted this dressing table in the corner of the room
I could hear him thinking out loud... 'oh dear'.

 Have you ever come across furniture that was calling your name?
This thought quickly came to mind as I glanced upon this dressing table.
It spoke to me loud and clear. 

Dressing table speaking to me...

Weathered, worn and matter. Behind every cloud there is a silver lining.
When the dealer told me the price, I did not even bargain. I was too excited.
My expectations were much higher. I paid for it as quickly as I could 
and left with an extra skip in my step.

It has draws and secret hiding places. I love secret hiding places.
Best of all, under the skirting I found this label
from Peter Jones of Sloane Square.
Purchased September 7, 1964 by Mrs. R Shaw.
Three years before my first dressing table. 
It was a sign!

I have a plan.
When we move to Vietnam, I am going to take my time 
and find just the right fabric and accents.
 If it were in better shape, I would leave it as is.
Just my style.

Speaking of style, some of you may remember my travelling chaise?
Mr. H spotted this umbrella yesterday and now I am thinking....

I really need to stop procrastinating and get back to work!

Before I go, a few of my haunts...

77 Bridge Road
East Molesey, KT8 9HH

29 Bridge Road
East Molesey, KT3 9ER

41-43 Parsons Green Lane
London SW6 4HH

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