Hong Kong, London, Tahilla and a Christmas Book List

Birds of a feather flock together and guard the Christmas trees in New Hampshire, USA

There is no other way to start this blog post other than jumping in and saying HELLO!  Some of you may have thought I had travelled off into the midnight blogging sky never to return...again. My great attempt to complete a 30 post writing quest by the end of 2016 has gone awry...as life often does. I have decided to postpone it for another year....when life settles down a bit. (cough, cough, if ever) ;)

If I told you what I have been up to in the past month you would think I was nuts. As I know many of you already do...I won't add to that number!

I finished off my last post with a word game, a clue to our next expat posting.  Clever me, I thought you would find it tricky.  HA! I was wrong. Many of you picked right up on it and yes, HONG KONG is our next posting. It's all happening. Mr. H recently closed the doors of Chateau Mango in Saigon and drove off into the sunset...our wonderful mango coloured home nestled under a swaying travelling palm will soon be a distant memory and a different colour. Sadly, I could not be there to say farewell, something that pulls on my heart strings.

The search is on...Hong Kong

A hunting he will go...
Mr. H is pulling double duty, and doing so admirably. He is stepping into my shoes and undertaking the task of finding an apartment for us in Hong Kong. I can hear the collective gasp from here! ;) Fortunately for him (and me), I was well immersed into the task before I left for Sydney in October and managed to determine location and apartment specifics with our relocation consultant. I am keeping a close watch from Tahilla Farm. Fingers crossed! 

I am touched by your kind comments on my 'Hello..It's Me' post and have been blushing every since. Thank you so much!

Henrietta Hippo...and the Three Franciscan Friars
I had a few questions regarding the travel plans for Henrietta Hippo. Alas, she had to stay behind in Vietnam but we did manage to find a great home for her. Our friends, the Three Franciscan Friars found the perfect spot in their Seminary library. I understand she will be taking up location in the entrance, greeting seminarians as they pass while offering a comfortable spot to sit and reflect. We couldn't think of a better home for her!

Sloane Square, Chelsea, London

The London meet cute.....
Mr. H and I met up in London last week to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. It was a whirlwind of a trip and well worth the countless hours to get there from Sydney. It was surreal to end our time in Vietnam with a trip to London, just as I had done four years ago in reverse, saying farewell to our life in England to start anew in Vietnam. I have lots to share on all of the above...stay tuned.

The welcome sign, Tahilla Farm

Tahilla Farm..and Tika
I recently returned to Tahilla Farm to get the house ready for family and friends but not before picking up Tika from her home away from home for the past two months. She has been by my side ever since, slowly following me into the woods to clip fresh greens, watching me hang wreaths and shovel snow. Yes...snow! We have been teased...a inch or two here, a dusting over there. I contacted Pete the plow man to discuss the driveway...you can never be too ready when it comes to snow.

Snowy Tahilla Farm, December 2016

And YOU?
Enough about me...how are you?? Will you be home for the holidays? Laying low or on the move?  How are you going with your holiday shopping? Done? I have a few thoughts for you if you are still looking for ideas...

The Garden Writers....Hatchards, London

I had a long 'must visit' list for my trip to London. Like so many of you, I absolutely love getting lost in bookstores and especially at Hatchards book shop on Piccadilly. Even better when the Christmas Catalogue is available. I quickly noted all the books that I could happily stack in our reading nook. I thought you might enjoy them too...they are all so delightfully English!

for the book details







Wishing you a wonderful weekend
filled with cheer and good reading!

Jeanne xx

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