Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crazy About Burleigh

Moving in day arrives...
Imagine the scene: four trucks and box after box after box and the same question for two days 
'Mam, where would you like it?'  Every box seemed to unfold yet another set of 
forgotten china...good grief.  How much china does a girl need?
  Then the doorbell rang....of dear, I forgot about this one.  
Earlier in the week I read a story about a historic pottery that the Prince of Wales is rallying behind.  Like many small businesses, it appears they have run into financial uncertainty.  Prince Charles is trying to save the UK's last working Victorian pottery from closure.  'For more than 100 years artisans have been turning out sought-after Burleigh earthenware from the kilns of Middleport'.  The Prince's Regeneration Trust and a grant from English Heritage Trust have both made an offer to rescue the business. 

So, what is a girl to do when her heart goes out to this business,  and the beatuiful objects they create? Make a purchase and I love it.  Albeit, a small one, but I am now a fan and will continue to follow.
I hope you will too!
(I guess the solution to my unpacking woes is to purchase more china cabinets because you never know when you will have the house (or two) that will fit it all..perfectly!)

More from Burleigh
Back to the boxes...this was a nice little break from it all.
Have a great day!

Reference to article The Independent


  1. Yes, quite agree Jeanne, Burleigh is beautiful.. and I was heartened to read in your blog that Prince Charles has made great efforts to save the factory. Wonderful. X

  2. Oh my goodness Jeanne
    I love all of it.. especially the transferware and the 1st and 2nd blue shots...

    Your story made me laugh.. i remember my sister helping me pack one move and her labelling started to get out of control.... ie 'not another bxxx dinner set' . i eventually gave most of them away but still have too many teapots.. haha

    Lovely.. have fun unwrapping.. it is like receiving them new all over again!!! and thanks for your too lovely comments.. has truly made my day!! xx Julie

  3. Dear Jeanne - that's a great story..good for you...hope you manage to find a space for it! I have boxes in the garage still unopened from a move to Sydney 15 years ago, then transported around Australia and back to the U.K intact....they're probably full of china!!! Happy unpacking! Susie x

  4. I LOVE Burleigh - and hadn't read that they were in trouble....oh no :( I hope that they can be saved.

    I do have some blue and white Spode which was my grandma's and is not unlike Burleigh. I must buy some Burleigh though.

    I LOL at Julie's packing comment!!

    Happy Week-end!

  5. Hi Jeanne,
    Well, you can always rely on good old Charlie to support an old English firm that is struggling. Good for him. The old potteries deserve to be rescued, as they are a great part of our British Heritage.... and, such pretty china too.
    I have some but, I have to admit, I have given some away to charity shops and friends. I do have to have a clear out now and again.
    It must be lovely to have your beautiful possessions back again, Jeanne. Enjoy your unpacking. XXXX

  6. I have such a weakness for china. Oh, and this Burleigh is gorgeous. Good for the Prince, save this place!

  7. What a great post - I think that blue and white is gorgeous, and I hope they are able to save it. Tell me - is there anything we can do Stateside to help? If so, I'd be happy to do what I can. I would hate to see it go.


  8. Jeanne:

    I have never heard of Burleigh nor possess any china but that did not deter me from drooling over china and admiring your colourful post. Somehow it seems to me that the best of things when seen from your posts seems lovelier and fantastic to behold.

    You give me a peek into the world there with all its china, flowers and others things.

    Joy always,

  9. I like it too, they are beautiful patterns


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