Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Woman Of Her Time...

I admire 'can do' women who like to get on with life and make the most of it. It is easier said than done. I would most definitely put Osa Johnson in this category. I am reading 'I Married Adventure' and am so impressed with what this woman managed to accomplish in her time. For Martin and Osa Johnson life was a partnership and they did everything together. The story is about their travels and it is an exciting tale. If ever there was a woman who stood by her man thru thick and thin she was the one. I think of the times when Mr H. has come home and said 'guess what?'  I would cringe with what was going to come next...'we are moving'. Well, never again will I complain. Martin came home with the same phrase except they were off to far distant lands searching for places that no man and most definelty no woman of that time would have dared to step into. They went, she managed their lives admirably and lived to tell the tale. A woman of her time and a brave one at that. 

She had moxie!

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  1. I'm not familiar with her story but I will definitely look into it! thanks for sharing! And it seems to me that you have plenty of moxie too!

  2. Gorgeous Blog... I too lived in U.K. Actually I was born there and lived there for my first 11 years - totally love it. Now living in OZ. I still enjoy going back visiting family & friends..Think I might visit your blog quite

  3. Moxie is definantly something that is necessary in this life and I will enjoy reading this book. Thanks for the review and speaking of "Moxie" your blog rocks!

  4. Have looked at this book fleetingly a couple of times recently but think I will now take the plunge! Thanks Jeanne! Susie x

  5. Thanks for the mini review - will add this to the book list. Leigh

  6. Thanks for sharing her story. I haven't heard about her before.

  7. WOWW, what a story. That was SOooo corageous in those times, wasn't it ? Will also have to put that book on my list.
    Have a great week Jeanne. XXXX

  8. This book is going on my list. Sometimes I need a little "kick in the pants" to get my moxie in gear, I'm sure this will be the inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing.


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