Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little Weekend Bliss

A little weekend bliss. 
Imagine yourself here...

then relax and take a bath..
'Today "taking a bath" is less about cleansing your body and more about cleansing your mind. To create the Ultimate Bathing Experience in your home, follow these steps to indulge all your five senses
  1. Lock the door, leave the phone in another room, and hang a Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob. Tell the kids Dad is in charge for the next 45 minutes and tell your husband you're not available. This is your "alone time".
  2. Dim the lights, switch on a soft lamp or light smoke-free candles. No harsh lighting allowed.
  3. Light a stick of incense that will help you transcend the ordinary and bring you into a higher spiritual realm.
  4. Play soft music or nature sounds to pacify your inner soul.
  5. Run your bath water at about 104 degrees Fahrenheit -- super-hot water dries your skin. Pour bath salts directly into the running tap water and swirl with your hand to help them dissolve.
  6. Step into the bathtub and slowly let your body sink into the luxurious warmth. Close your eyes and take a moment to breathe in the scents rising on the steam.
  7. Be sure to partake of The Food Of The Gods. Not only is chocolate a sensual euphoria, but recent studies have found that cocoa and cocoa-based products help to lower blood pressure, increase circulaion, strengthen the heart and improve overall circulatory system health.
  8. Have a cup of your favorite coffee, cocoa or tea handy. All three beverages are high in antioxidants, which help stave off cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Not to mention sipping a warm beverage is calming to the inner body.
  9. Read a good book while you're relaxing. Reading is not only the best form of entertainment, it also is a powerful brain stimulant that will help increase IQ levels, promote good memory and prevent dementia in old age.
  10. While your pores are opening due to the steam rising up from your bath, apply a facial masque to remove dead skin cells and rehydrate delicate facial epidermis.
  11. Wash and shampoo with an organic or natural cleanser. Regular bath products contain harsh chemicals, additives and preservatives that not only dry out your skin, but also contain carcinogens. Organic and natural cleansers are skin-friendly, keeping your skin fully hydrated with a healthy, natural glow.
  12. Water getting cool? Don't get out yet -- keep soaking. As the water cools down, the lower temperature will begin to close off your pores in a gentle, natural way. (Better than shocking your nerves with a splash of icy water.)
  13. Carefully step out of your bathtub since many bath salts contain moisturizing ingredients that will make the tub slippery. Wrap yourself in one of our Redrock Oasis cotton/bamboo towels. Eco-friendly bamboo and 100% cotton towels caress your body in cashmere-like softness and are more absorbent than regular towels. Breathable, durable and beneficial to anyone with allergies or sensitive skin because they're naturally antibacterial.
  14. Apply an organic body lotion or body creme to your skin, and a body butter or therapy cream to tougher areas such as elbows and heels. Moisturizing after your salt bath will seal the salt minerals into your skin, allowing your body to absorb the full benefits of your bath, while hydrating your skin and keeping it it soft, supple and youthful.
  15. Before re-entering the real world, take a deep breath and think of the love and gratitude you feel for the people and blessings in your life.'


  1. You know, I do this every night. Except for the chocolate. Now that's a great ingredient to add to the mix!! Wonderful advice here, thanks!

  2. Lovely post! I'm relaxing right now reading a few different blogs for the first time...I'm liking yours!

  3. Bonjour Jeanne,
    This is a perfect list - who told you I love soaking in the bath. And of course, next time I'll add some chocolate, especially with all those marvelous health benefits!!
    Bonne week-end

  4. Mmm Mmm. Delightful Jeanne. I'm more of a bath person in the winter. So much more relaxing than a shower. Thanks for all the tips. Rather a lot of chocolate has been consumed in our houseehold recently so, when it's all gone, I'm not having it for a while ....... Yeah, right !!!!

  5. Well I'm sold, that sounds like the best bath if only I could keep the little ones from banging on the door and wanting to "swim with mommy".

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  6. love the ideas and the bath is always a great escape... wash the day away... your blog is fantastic...enjoy your weekend.. xx

  7. Hi Jeanne
    Well I'd love that view in the last image!! I've always been a bath person.. until living in this last apartment. the bath is uncomfortable.. and all the neighbour noises echo more when your in the bathtub.. sort of defeats the purpose.!!

    But yes.. baths are one of my true essentials in life.. especially for removing the aches and pains and the only way to warm up in winter!! Lovely post.. xx Julie


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