Pass The Tissue...

Miss Christine does Paris.

We are passing the tissue box. 
Miss Christine is winging her way back to New Zealand tonight.
I am so excited for her to start this new chapter in her life.
She is bursting with excitement and I am too!

Qantas is carrying her back to the welcoming arms of her friends.

Mother and Daughter have made 
wonderful memories over these past weeks.

Me and Miss Christine

So now the hard part begins...missing Miss Christine
and looking forward to when we can all be together again.

Miss Claire reminded my yesterday that she turns 18 next year.

Miss Claire...Here we go again!

To mothers who are blessed with young daughters (and sons)  
I encourage you cherish the time you have...
even the angst of those teenage years.
To mothers who have been here before, does it get any easier?

Images taken by me with exception of images #2 and #3
Both via Google


  1. I would imagine as I write this you are at the airport... Really hope that she has a safe flight and that you are ok Jeanne... Difficult times - saying goodbye is never easy, thinking of you....(and what lovely photographs - you are all so alike - gorgeous girls)

  2. Oh that must be so very hard. Your daughters are beautiful, and look like such happy girls.

  3. Dear Jeanne - I have complete empathy with you know, we have just been through the same separation in our hard as it is, I do feel that it's a testament to the job you've done when a son or daughter feels able to go far from wherever home & family are and function independently....I was going to say 'adult' there but I'm not sure that's the right word - they're on the path but not quite there yet! Take heart that you have a closeness which distance will not change & just think of all the trips ahead! My GG is having an absolute ball in Sydney, living life to the full and I wouldn't want it any other way (and I feel sure you wouldn't either)....I'm enjoying a 'wee dram' as I write this so I shall raise my glass to your lovely Christine travels & good luck with all your new ventures (& adventures) Susie x
    P.S Love your photo!

  4. Bonjour Jeanne,
    I know this must be a very hard time for you, but try to remember how lucky you were to have all the time together over the past few weeks.
    Wishing your daughter safe travels and the best of luch at university. Both of your daughter are beautiful - like their mom!

  5. Dear Jeanne,
    Oh how I feel for's so hard when they go away, isn't it ?
    It was bad enough for me when mine went to University in THIS country let alone all the way to New Zealand. .... although, I can understand as, I didn't see mine for a whole year when they went travelling around the world.It's really difficult and, I'm afraid that it doesn't get any easier !!!!.... but, there are so many happy times to share together. When our son got married it was just the BEST day so, I'm sure you know, Jeanne, that there are many happy times ahead.You have a beautiful family and you must be very proud of them. I think that it's great that our children are getting out there, learning so much and seeing the world. XXXX

  6. Oh, Jeanne, be brave, dear! Mine are still young, but I know it goes very fast. Your daughters are gorgeous - what a beautiful family you are! And that top picture in Paris is so special. I wish her a safe and rewarding journey. Hang in there, my friend.

  7. Jeanne, Thanks for reminding me to treasure every moment that I spend with my 13 YO daughter and 10YO son. I think they will be getting lots of extra cuddles tonight!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

    There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. ~Hodding Carter, Jr.

  8. Hi Jeanne
    What gorgeous girls.. you poor petal.. it must be difficult to let go of them.. but just think.. as in your last post.. they are women making their own way in this world and growing their own Moxie!! I'm sure you are and will be very proud of them.. I guess though the distance will be hard. That first photo is a treasure... shiny happiness!!

    I love that word Moxie .. and your last post which i missed.. but have caught up now.. the images are so terrific.. love them and that word Moxie!! which I have said twice now.. hahaha Take care Jeanne... and don't worry too much!! xx Julie

  9. Mothers are same all over the world.

    All of you look lovely and blissful.

    Joy and peace to all of you.



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