Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robin's Egg Blue Wednesday

I am having a blue kind of day...robin's egg blue. The colour is so calming and relaxing and holds such hope. Images of 'Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House' with Myrna Loy and Cary Grant come to mind. There is a great scene where Mrs. Blandings suggests what colours she would like to have her rooms painted. I like this woman!

~For my robin's egg blue Wednesday~

It is that time of day, tea anyone?

PS..if you are having difficulty with these sites let me know and I will try and find an image for you.
My computer is doing crazy things at the moment!


  1. I'll have a tea, please, from that lovely cup. It's a beautiful shade of blue and shows pink off exquisitely. And I do love that film for its happy harmlessness.

  2. Gorgeous Jeanne - I love the bridesmaids' dresses with the pink...we have this colour in the dining room & I love it - it looks wonderful with wood...hope you are not too 'blue' - go & see that movie if you have time - it will cheer you up no end! Susie x

  3. Oh Jeanne...such loveliness abounds! You're absolutely right about the calming effect of robin's egg blue....or is it your blog I find so restful?

    I've missed my daily dose of your blog with the events of the past week, but I'm happy to report that I think I'm all caught up!I've so enjoyed catching up on all your happenings.

    Naturally, I'll be attempting to track down a copy of those books post haste. They both have me intrigued.

    Your daughters are just beautiful...all glowy and gorgeous looking, inside and out. I hope you've managed to stem to tide of tears in recent days.

    When I'm less sleep deprived, I'm going to go blog hopping around all your lovely recommendations in the side bar. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Meredy xo

  4. Jeanne this is possibly my favourite colour and I never knew it was Robin's egg blue... It's scrumptious! PS - added a bit from you on my blog today... Thanks again. You made my day!

  5. pretty images. i saw the actual grace kelly dress, it was more green in person, but stunning.

  6. Such a pretty color! With that much loveliness, I'll gladly be blue! We actually painted our bedroom a soft blue, called Air, and my daughter's is a hydrangea blue I had mixed.
    I am in love with that mosaic, and the bridesmaids - coral and blue together are so fresh and pretty!

    Thanks for some blue skies in the middle of our blizzard!

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    What wonderful duck egg blue images. I never think to use blue but, it looks wonderful
    I love the cup with 'Take these broken wings' on it and the room settings.
    I also love that film.
    I hope that Thursday is sunshiny yellow for you XXXX

  8. What a perfectly gorgeous description of a paint colour! Love all these beautiful images. Leigh

  9. How beautiful are these photographs and I so love the first interior photo - the library one... X

  10. My bedroom is a robin's egg blue. Elegant and sexy too. One of my favorite colors.

  11. Hey Jeanne
    Gorgeous post.. Robin's Egg blue is an all time favourite for me.. and well Take These Broken Wings is rightup there too [I even posted that song once]

    Well just love it all and really appreciate the links xx Julie

  12. Hi all, thanks for your comments. I had a bit of a glitch in the reference to the photos, should be all corrected now!

  13. GORGEOUS - I also love it with an airey olive green. Your delicious photos compell me to want to find a room to paint!

  14. My most favourite turquoise post ever Jeanne! A heatwave in Auckland? I'm not totally convinced!!
    Millie ^_^

  15. You are right on target with your color. Pantone's color for 2010. I have never done much with blues. I am a green/red/yellow 50 something but I did take the plunge with a turquoise studio space this year.

    I really like the way your blog is laid out. Not too much clutter. Calm without a lot of distraction.
    Glad I stopped by.

  16. That has got to be the most beautiful shade of blue ever. I am a lover of blue to begin with (reminds me of the ocean), but this shade is the best.

  17. How wonderful this blue shade is and what a fine collection. I love that beautiful evening dress of Grace Kelly's. And all the other blue things - and the cup with the words "Take these broken wings and learn to fly". Thank you for reminding me about this song.
    Best wishes


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