Thursday, February 25, 2010

In A Muddle

I am having one of those moments....

Unpacking boxes is not on my top ten list of fun things to do.
I feel like the woman in the photo.
'Let's see where should I put this?'
And what was I thinking when I wrote this post last November?
I thought I was so clever packing all those magazines!
I just found where am I going to put them??
I am in a muddle.

Suggestions/comments most welcome!

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  1. Can you let go of them? It's hard. But sometimes very, very freeing {I don't think that's a word-but it fits the bill here}.
    Thank you for your comment. How sweet that you remember my fondness for seaglass.

  2. It is hard to let them go, but I would say go through a few a day, and pull out the pages you really want to keep. I use magazine holders and have one each for decorating, entertaining/cooking, things I really want, and one for travel. They look neat on the shelf, and it is easier to find what I want later. (Though to be honest, I don't often have time to go back, and every time I do, a few more things get tossed.)
    Good luck!

  3. Well, Jeanne, how about putting up tiny narrow slot-shelves all around a room (maybe a dining-room?), a magazine's width apart, floor to ceiling, and covering the walls with magazines? It would look good, be very appealing for constant distraction, and you'd have to have a strict rule that when the walls were covered and you bought a new magazine, an old one had to go.

  4. Somehow I just love packing and unpacking. The picture is beautiful even though it seems she is wondering . . .

    Joy and peace,

  5. Why don't you just dress yourself like her and surround yourself with endless cups of tea in all that gorgeous china you have, but not before stacking all your magazines in your china cupboards! Seriously though, put them aside for a while until everything else is fully unpacked - then ruthlessly go through them again. Use the pages of the ones you don't wish to keep for wrapping paper or wall paper ;-) Give some away to hospitals and charity or nursing homes, and waiting rooms. Keep only the pages you really love in a file. And of course - start next winter as spring's nearly here and you are more than likely to be outside and not looking at them quicker than you think!

  6. Go shopping!
    Take a long walk!
    Get a puppy!
    Take a nap!
    Go to a movie!

    I know I'm evil, but sometimes you just have to walk away for awhile!!

  7. Procrastination...I am the supreme master of that!
    I like your ideas fact I like everyone's ideas!
    Now... what do I do about the tupperware????

  8. how time has flown. Dinner time..I think I will pour myself a glass of wine, put my feet up, watch the Olympics and plan a strategy for tomorrow:)

  9. I like your Scarlett comment - tomorrow certainly will be a better time to think about this little problem! What is it about magazines that makes it so hard to part with them? I've started throwing out some that go back at least 10 years - turned out to be a good idea because so many of them are dated! Leigh

  10. Jeanne, I tagged you in my blog today, hope you enjoy it! :)

  11. Jeanne, I tagged you in my blog today, have fun! :)

  12. Found you through 1 Funky Woman. Beautiful blog. It's so hard for me to let go of magazines...but this week I have...and I feel lighter for it!

  13. You have my sympathy... I loathe unpacking of any kind and unpacking boxes is the worst!! Stop many times for tea and sustenance would be my advice! X

  14. Recycle everything and start over! :)

  15. Hi Jeanne
    Well you know on my last move I threw out boxes of old magazines.. from my teens!!! all home and decor [and some fashion]... I'm sure I kept just a few as souvenirs but I must say sometimes I regret it!! They probably would be vintage by now!! hahaha.. Must have cost you a packet to bring them over... I remember still the scowl on the removalist's faces every time that grabbed those boxes!! haha Mind.. you my collection has grown again and now faced with same dilemma ...

    I like Mise's idea of the wall of magazines.... a wall of inspiration.. xx Julie

  16. I feel in a muddle too so you're not alone :o) I just got a new kitchen fitted and am struggling to re-home my ridiculous amount of china cups and saucers that I keep buying !!! I am so tempted to box them up and bring them to the charity shop but I can't bring myself to do it. Hope you've got out of your muddle M x


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