Friday, February 26, 2010

Floral Friday

There was a time when I could not get enough of this beautiful english country floral fabric. 
As I said, there was a time...when would that have been? 
A few of these are from my decorating journals and magazines of yesteryear. 
I am sure if I walked in a room with any of these 
I would still secretly swoon as they are so pretty. 
Having married a man with a passion for Australasian and tribal art 
I have to admit that I conceded and have decorated 
around our eclectic collection and now love it. 
But still, there is that yearning for a room 
that I could fill with flowers in any shape or form. 

This is closer to what you would find in our home today. 
Indigenous art and the calmness of white with a touch of colour.

PS..I must thank one and all for their very helpful comments to my last post. 
I am now coming out of my muddle and am cutting and scanning away. 
I feel liberated! 
Thank you :)

Wishing you a weekend 
filled with laughter and joy!

Images...where do I begin?
Image 1- clipped sometime in the 90's
Image 2- I think Crate and Barrel 1995?
Image 5- Jeanne's files
Image 6-
Image 7-


  1. I do like this floral look too - it's so peacefully pretty. Perhaps not in the profusion of the first image, but one gala floral chair set against painted white woodwork looks great. I see that florals are back in fashion, initially with irony and now, thankfully, without.

  2. It's funny how our taste evolves in time. I too had a fondness for perky prints- now our home is a lot of white and pretty sparse. Perhaps as we 'evolve' we need a bit more serenity in our rooms.
    Still, those prints... very happy!

  3. Dear Jeanne,
    I, too, used to live in a garden of Laura Ashley flowers, but dispensed with them long ago although I still have an affection for them . As Mise said, one floral chair amidst off white looks beautiful. .... and, they only bring things back so that we all change our decor again and spend more money !!!!
    Have a lovely weekend, Jeanne. XXXX

  4. There is something very warm and comforting about it - I still have an old Laura Ashley book that I peruse and daydream through now and again. The one against the vivid blue is such a striking photo. I really like it.


  5. I love roses and floral looks, but not to much. But most I love them to be alive in the garden.

  6. I love florals too, but have a husband who thinks flowers belong in gardens and vases not on fabrics. So I conceded by painting our bedroom a deep peony pink, almost fuschia. If I can't have flowers on my fabrics, I will have it on my walls.

  7. Jeanne, come and check my blog... there is something for you

  8. Strange...All of the skirts I have been thrifting have floral prints! Is it the desire for the real thing? Maybe, I ought to invest in floral gardening gloves!

  9. I know what you mean! I love florals to look at but don't have any in our house - I wonder why? Perhaps I'm just happy to have them in the garden and imagine what they'd be like in the house. Hope you're having a lovely weekend Jeanne. Leigh

  10. Love your muddle photo. And all these chirpy chintzy florals. I keep gravitating to roses, floral, and pink! I suppose we're all craving Spring!? Merci. Trish


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