If you could....

If you could pack a bag for a morning outing on your own 
and could fill it with anything... 
what would you take and where would you go?

I would toss in my 
a good book 
sketch pads 
folding chair
my akubra
pick up a double shot flat white for the road
and see where the road takes me.

How about you?


  1. Oh that sounds amazing Jeanne... can just imagine it... Think I would pack everything I needed for a good day out 'antiquing', cash (for good deals!), wrapping blankets, water, a tasty snack or two, fruit, plenty of layers clothes wise and an umbrella of course and make sure I had plenty of room in the car!

  2. That sounds wonderful Sarah. I can't remember the last time I went 'antiquing'. Think of all those treasures out there waiting to be found !

  3. O.K. Jeanne,
    I would 'pack' my beat friend , go up to London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Light lunch, boat along the Thames, a late afternoon matinee and then, dinner in either the OXO tower of Galvin's in Sptitalfields...I don't ask for much !!!! XXXX

  4. Funny you should say that Jackie, I just posted a few links on what is going on at the V&A in March.
    Great items coming into the gift shop!

  5. Lets see, to be honest anywhere I go that includes my best friend which happens to be my sister is a great place. We have the best time doing even the mundane things because we are always laughing! Of course going to little antique shops or tag sales brings lots of fun! She lives in California and I live in Iowa so we don't see each other as often as we like, but we talk like 7 times a day!

  6. Hmmm ... camera, a blanket, ipod, sketch pad and pencils, water, and my kindle... and I would go out to the east end of the island, find a lovely beach, a farm stand or too, and a village to explore on foot. Assuming of course, that it was warm enough for the farm stands to be open!

  7. Stephanie...I will meet you there...we can pretend the farm stands are open:)

  8. Oh, the images you've stirred up in my mind with this one... I would pack my laptop, my journal, pen/pecil case, a book, chocolate, coffee, and blankets.

  9. that sounds so lovely. I would love to back a backback and take a bicycle. I think locally that Santa Barbara has some lovely, inspiring places to ride a bike, stop and read, journal and plan, and then finally park the bike and hike a bit. Oh, I may just have to plan a day trip up there!

    I agree with everyone about going antiquing. I would love to go back to Connecticut and spend the weekend antiquing.

    these lovely thoughts are going to make my day at the office fly by.

  10. Riding a bike around Santa Barbara sounds like a great idea with a few stops along the way, I see the makings of a great outing!

  11. OOh fun.
    I would pack fresh strawberries and some dog biscuits, a fresh clean journal, a sharp pencil, and Edward and I would head to the beach.

  12. Hmmmm... A fly rod, flies, waders, big fat oranges, a hat, sunglasses, lip gloss and a camera!

  13. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Your list is marvelous - I'd just add my honey and I'm set. Oh where are we off to...we'll decide on the way.
    Hope the unpacking is going well, It is alot of work so you need this little getaway for the day!
    Bonne journée

  14. All of your ideas sound wonderful! I'd pack my binoculars, my bird book, sketching supplies, journal, camera, thermos of tea, cookies and cash and head over to Vashon Island which is across the water from my Seattle neighborhood. I'd drive in the lovely countryside, stop at the country garden store and buy plants, take lots of pictures, walk along the beaches and bird to my hearts content. Then I'd stop in at the restaurant that serves organic food and order something delicious while I write all about it in my journal.

    Thank you for posting this - I'm full of great ideas now!

  15. Oh Jeanne, I'm too focused on sleep to be too imaginative. I think I'd pack a swag complete with ipod, pillow and current book and find the nearest shady tree and lie underneath it. Of course, I'd include a take away cappucino and a flaky almond croissant.

    Sob, sob...you shouldn't have asked....now I'll be thinking about this all afternoon while I'm kid-wrangling! Meredy xo.

  16. Hi Jeanne
    Well If it's imaging we are doing .. then I'd have to imagine I'm in that car in image #2 and driving the Amalfi coast or somewhere equally delightful.... Essentials would include camera.. food... and of course coffee.. although that wouldn't be hard to find in italy...

    Closer to home.. [but still a distance] I think I'd be driving the coast road of the Twelve Apostles.. I still am yet to see them!!! Have fun xxx Julie


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