Monday, February 15, 2010

A Quilting Bee

I read an article yesterday in The Telegraph about the resurgence of quilting. My favourite story was  that of a 'glamourous young actress'  who recently married and rather than go thru the formalities of a wedding gift list she asked each guest to bring a piece of material that meant something to them. The bride and groom used the fabric to create a marriage patchwork quilt. A charming thought! Imagine where you could go with that concept. You thrifty, creative types will know what I am thinking of. Unfortunately, for me, that is as far as it gets. I am all thumbs with these sort of things. That combined with an ADHD personality type...three blogs, need I say more? But I do admire women who have the 'quilting gift'. I can just imagine what must have gone into these wonderful works of art...

Quilting is such a lovely tradition. 
Women coming together, sharing thoughts as they 
weave the stories of their lives together. 
Drawing by Quwatha Valentine

And we are inspired by the movies..

Scene from How To Make An American Quilt

And of course, there is my all time favourite teary screen moment, 
when Susan Sarandon shows the quilt she has made for her children.

Ok, pass the tissue box!

And on that note....
If you would like to be inspired some more, try this site

I have a feeling this must have been a relation of mine 
as this is about as much as I could manage too!
Happy Quilting!
Stepmom movie photos from 
Hooked On Houses


  1. Three blogs! How did I miss that? I'm off to investigate immediately. I'm totally with you on the the concept, can imagine all sorts of divine fabric combinations, but when it comes to actual execution? I'm all thumbs and absolutely no patience to learn. I've managed to convince my mother, who is amazingly clever at all those sorts of things, that I have some form of craft dyslexia. I'm not joking...the instructions make NO sense at all to me.

    You probably already know these women, but in case you don't, Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner have the most vibrant, eclectic fabric collections, just perfect for quilting. Sometimes I go to their websites just to drool. Annoyingly, Anna Maria Horner also has six children, is drop dead gorgeous and has somehow managed to grow an international fabric business.....additionally, she appears to be an absolute darling. I really want to not like her, but I can't help myself, she's just too lovely. Her blog is on my sidebar.

    Hope you're having a great week. Meredy xo.

  2. Dear Jeanne,

    What a lovely post and some very fine examples of quilting.

    Though I am relatively new to blogging and discovering what is out there, but I feel that since 9/11 there has been a shift in the focus of art. What we see today being created on the blogs is a direct result to the event of that day and our need to focus on family.

    There are other influences for sure and what I wrote an over simplification.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you a wonderful start to the week,

  3. Looking forward to seeing your efforts!! I love quilts but have more than 3 thumbs when sewing so I'll stick to writing on material rather than sewing it! Right - first blog post for me in 4 days with all this sickness in the house. Your little flower will do just the trick!

  4. I love the idea of wedding guests bringing a special fabric, but I wouldnt know where to begin with quilting it. I have an old 'crazy quilt' (made with scraps of odd shaped fabric salvaged from old clothes) my great-grandma made sometime around 1900 and I love it and I have wanted to make something similar with clothes from my life...but sadly have never been organised enough to keep material safe or even know where to begin.Perhaps I'll start taking it more seriously now.

  5. What a wonderful post! I too love the scene in Stepmom-when she gives that gorgeous quilt to her daughter... Years ago I made a simple quilt in a class. I still have it. Some of these creations are works of art and just amazing.

  6. Wonderful as always, Jeanne ...

  7. We sleep every winter night under quilts I have made. All by hand! And I love them. I went through a quilting phase and loved the entire process of designing, fabric selection, marking, cutting, sewing and basting and quilting and binding. Until.... I tackled a quilt too big... since I quilted in my lap, without a huge frame to tame this one, I soon ran out of steam. Now, I knit!

  8. My husbands family are quilters, I however can barely sew a straight line! I do like 'looking' at them though! I forgot about that movie {How to make an American Quilt...that was a good one!


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